Monday, March 23, 2015

Prohanov go to “Tannhauser” if the statement brought to Moscow – Russian News Service

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Prokhanov ready to see Novosibirsk opera “Tannhauser” in the case of her show in Moscow, said the writer in the air, “Russian news service».


«I have not seen this work, but I am very careful in judging cultural phenomena, as I myself an artist, writer, my texts piled huge disaster – korezhit them from different angles. Therefore, I would have looked to make sure that this monstrous profanation, “- he said.


Earlier in Novosibirsk passed two opposite in spirit to share. Participants of one of them, the supporters of “Tannhauser,” defended the freedom of creativity, the second – the protection of sacred sites and for the salvation of Russia.


March 12 it became known that the director of the opera “Tannhauser” Vladimir Urine was invited to work at the Bolshoi Theater.


Earlier, Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon sent to the prosecutor of the Novosibirsk Region a letter of complaint to the production of “Tannhauser” opera house, which, in his opinion, insulting the feelings of believers. After that, the supervisory authority initiated a case against the director-producer Timothy Kuljabina and director of the theater Boris Mezdricha.


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