Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fox took down the “X-Files” – BBC

broadcaster Fox officially announced the restart of the series “The X-Files.” The role of special agents Mulder and Scully in six new episodes, as in the original series, will play David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Along with the main characters in a chair and producer returns Showrunner original series Chris Carter.

«The world has changed a lot over the years, the show did not go; I think that these six stories was where to draw inspiration “- quoted by his site The Hollywood Reporter.

«The X-Files” withstood nine seasons; In addition, the plot of the series was the basis for two feature films – “Fight for the Future” and “I Want to Believe.”

The author of the six-part “restart” will be Vince Gilligan, who wrote “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul».

He worked Gilligan and on the “X-Files” – began with the episode “The scattered light” in the second season, and then for seven years, also wrote 26 episodes, but still played in sixty producer’s functions.

In the original series, there were two kinds of episodes: backbone, which were devoted to the struggle of two FBI special agent conspiracy against the shadow of the US government (the so-called Consortium), and the individual, each of which tells a complete story, only partly related to the main plot.

On what basis will be organized restarted “X-Files”, not yet reported.

It is only known that the studio will try to “answer questions that remain unresolved in the nine previous seasons. ”

For example, according to the original storyline, in 2012, on the ground should invade aliens – rebooted the series will answer the question of why it did not happen.

David Duchovny talked about the prospects of work in the new part telefranshizy rather melancholy – complained for years that “will not allow myself to pull a full season.”

His partner Gillian Anderson to the prospect of returning to a familiar space she reacted with great stories enthusiasm – in particular, expressed the joy of meeting with the “old gang”.

«The X-Files” – not just a commercial TV show, it’s a real pop-cultural phenomenon.

In the series, millions of fans around the world – said in a statement, the leaders of the twentieth Century Fox studio Dana Walden and Gary Newman. – We are happy that we can give the fans what they’ve been waiting for – the new adventures of Mulder and Scully. ”

At the peak of its popularity in the fifth and sixth season, the series in the US weekly gather multimillion audience of 20 million people.

The shooting will start in the US in the summer of 2015; the date of the premiere of the first series has not yet announced. Previously known that the new “X-Files” will not be available until early 2016.


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