Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Timothy deceived Kadyrov, not abandoning iPhone – Russian newspaper

The rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) did not keep his promise of Ramzan Kadyrov to use domestic smartphone YotaPhone. For placement in Instagram singer Timati picture captured with an iPhone in hand. Users at the same time caught a pop artist in the “weight loss” with the help of Photoshop.

Let’s remind, on March 5 head of Chechnya, published a picture where they are studying Russian Timothy gadgets, providing it with the comment: “Dear friends, I previously wrote, that he intended to abandon the use of iPhone. All this time I studied fitfully YotaPhone. Today arrived my friend Timati – Timur Yunusov. I have made him a gift. From now on, we both use only our domestic YotaPhone “.

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However, in the comments to this post users wrote that the images of the photoblog rapper made and processed iPhone. Latest publications Timothy dispelled the last doubts by posting Self smartphone Apple’s hands. Photo dedicated to the physical form of the singer: “grown thin clearly ready for the May” – says the rapper.

The friendly (and inattentive too) the audience immediately noticed a distorted mirror, background and filled tape catty comments. Critics Timothy replied that he had decided to sneer on Lindsay Lohan and other stars, excessive (and most importantly, noticeable) using Photoshop when processing their own photo.

Take the example of Kim Kardashian having to publications in Instagram photo editor specially trained c salary of 100 thousand dollars a year. Pictures of American teledivy technically flawless.


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