Thursday, March 26, 2015

Putin said on the preparation of the West provocations in the elections in 2018 –

Western intelligence agencies continue to try to use the Russian non-governmental organizations and non-political associations in order to discredit the government and destabilize the situation in Russia, the Russian president said Vladimir Putin .

“is already planning future actions for the period election campaigns 2016-2018 years “- he said, speaking at the FSB board.

” I want to reiterate, we are ready for dialogue with the opposition, we will continue partnerships with civil society, always listen to those who are meaningful criticizes those or other acts or omissions of government at any level … but pointless to enter into discussions with those who works commissioned from outside, in the interests of their own, and a foreign country, “- Putin said.

Therefore, He stressed that the government “will continue to pay attention to the presence of foreign sources of funding of NGOs, check their statutory objectives with practical work”.

He also reported on progress in the work of Russian counterintelligence in the past year. “During the raid suppressed the activity of 52 staff employees and 290 agents of foreign special services” – said the head of state.

In this regard, the president stressed the importance of improving the system of protection of information constituting a state secret, to prevent leakage of information about the development of the military organization and mobilization plans, industrial and defense technologies in Russia.


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