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The series “Homeland” – who will solve the mystery of Vladimir Mashkov – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


The series “Homeland” – who will solve the mystery of Vladimir Mashkov

released on Monday at 21:00 on channel “Russia-1″, the first series of the movie ” Homeland “has riveted the attention of many. A TV serial removed Pavel Lungin, already well-known film director and screenwriter. Starting to look spectacular picture, many are now wondering – what the outcome of the film. Of course, knows the final whole crew and of course, Vladimir Mashkov, who played a major role in this kinoremeyke. Recall the series “Homeland” was based on the original Israeli project, aired in March 2010.

« Film – source “was filmed and shown not only in Israel, he went out in the United States. In 2011, Fox was shot 21 American version of this format, which even received the “Emmy” and “Golden Globe».

Now, a series about the tragedy of a soldier who was released from years of imprisonment, filmed in Russia. Major Aleksey Bragin, which is beautifully played by Vladimir Mashkov, after the captivity returned home from the North Caucasus, but once in a normal peaceful situation he realizes that no one is waiting. He tries to reconnect with his wife and daughter, to move closer to his son, but there is a lot of problems. Next Major interrogates expert analyst Counterterrorism Center Zimin Anna (played by Victoria Isakov). She believes that Alex recruited terrorists. She reveals the secret Bragin.

Recall filmmaker Pavel Lungin, is the winner of the Cannes Film Festival, the owner of Russia’s main film awards Nick, People’s Artist of Russia. He is known for such films as “Taxi Blues”, “Luna park”, “Wedding”, “The Island”, “King».

As admitted Mashkov, on the set of the film he had enough time, all rethink – the script itself forced the actor think about many things. After the series “Homeland” – a story about life, about love, about the suffering of the people is not quite normal. As producer of the television series “Homeland” Timur Weinstein, the film is interesting and its script and the actors who played the main role.

In addition to the film also stars Vladimir Mashkov Sergey Makovetskii, Andrew Merzlikin Maria Shalaev, Alice Khazanov Vladimir Vdovichenkov and others.

By the way, despite the fact that this multi-film has just started, however, the crews are ready to shoot a sequel.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Mashkov, does not want to prematurely disclose all the secrets. He only said that the movie is so deep and interesting that emus are not enough words to express everything that happened in it. “Personally, I am as an artist is not immersed in the material ever. Understand – it means to feel. I needed to feel. And we had a very serious consultants – and operating officers, and left with whom I spent a lot of time ».
This Mashkov added that he had the opportunity to view a large number of materials -” I think they are not anyone worth watching. Yes, and I do not want them to look more than ever. I suddenly realized that here was so absorbed in the story, I do begin to change. But the suffering of my character and the questions that he is trying to put myself, I sometimes afraid to put himself just ».

The film is rather complicated, all mixed up here – psychology, politics, war. “For a split second there sometimes occur dramatic twists and plot, and human internal relations”, – said the leading man.

Russian version of the film has already been purchased for display in a number of CIS countries. Besides this show already interested and foreign channels.

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