Monday, March 30, 2015

After the scandal with “Tannhauser” creative elite of the country spoke about censorship –

To protect Mezdricha rose the most famous cultural figures. Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers Alexander Kalyagin called the scandal surrounding staging a return to the days of censorship and the Moscow Art Theater director Oleg Tabakov regarded as persecution happening creative people. A petition for the restoration of the post Mezdricha also signed Yevgeny Mironov, Oleg Menshikov, Galina Volchek. A director Mark Zakharov, invited “Tannhauser” Timothy Kuljabina work in Lenkom.

Mark Zakharov , People’s Artist of the USSR: “I think that someone has decided to exponential flogging, that is such a penalty is indicative for all, that they may fear to make some changes in “Dead Souls” in Chekhov’s plays. I think this is a regression ».

Zakharov also commented on the proposal of the Kremlin preview all performances before the premiere ?? this initiative has caused a lot of noise, talking about the return of censorship. Lenkoma was artistic director in the comments succinct: “If, for example, Malevich coordinated their work with the authorities, we are about it at all would never know».

Details ?? in the article “Anatomy of the day».


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