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Oleg Tabakov awarded the prize of his colleagues named after himself – Russian newspaper

Oleg Tabakov awarded nominal prizes masters of culture. The award ceremony was held in “Snuff” and was the anniversary, 20 th in a row.

– What are you, what more solemn part! Oleg Pavlovich officialdom can not stand! – Said the actor Avangard Leontiev. – He was on the scene when handing out awards, behaves as a good-natured mischief.

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Here this time the mischief at the Award Ceremony of Oleg Tabakov, for 20 years are awarded in March, all those who, in his opinion, made in the past year, the largest contribution to our theater and cinema, began to hangers. Already in the courtyard of the theater guests met-voiced orchestra: the musicians play marches, waltzes and bravura Cityscape frame.

At the ceremony there was no entertainer: master came on stage one, under the thunderous applause of the nominees and the press, with an enigmatic smile and slamming on the table stack of envelopes, got down to business …

Tobacco and this year remained true to himself: diplomas, flowers and a premium of envelopes handed to those colleagues whose creative work – actor, director, and scenographic cinema – was he personally liked.

Director Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov Marina Brusnikina won for the cycle of literary productions “MAT evening. Reading Circle”, where young actors read the scene contemporary prose and poetry. Creative tandem director (recently actor) MAT Alexander Molochnikova and theater artist Nikolai Simonov was awarded for the performance of “19.14″ on the topic of the First World War.

“For an important human act – recovery in the minds of people of one of the most brightest pages of Russian Theatre “- with these words Oleg Pavlovich presented the award artistic director of the Pushkin Eugene Pisarev, staged memory of the founder of the Chamber Theatre Alexander Tairov.

Actor Andrei Smolyakov before the ceremony is supposed to be noted for his work in film and on TV, but the award was for his “achievements in the theatrical profession,” although, as Andrew admitted he was not prime for five years. Apparently, the master wanted to please one of his favorite students who started with him in “Snuff”. Actress Theater. Gogol Anna Gulyarenko supplied with graduate students college theater Tabakov Oleg Pavlovich liked the play “Children of the Sun” – for it has been awarded.

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Awards as director Andrei Zvyagintsev got “for the love and kindness to the heroes of the film” Leviathan “and actor Oleg Tabakov student, Alexei Serebryakov.

The ceremony did not end there, though the fact that tobacco all the flowers, certificates and envelopes are already distributed. By the way, he gave money also in a special way: the bottom, as if secretly, with a sly smile – “good-natured mischief,” nothing can be done! Just in the Moscow Art Theatre hosted the premiere of the play “Anniversary of the jeweler,” it supposedly, beautifully played by Oleg Pavlovich. For which he was awarded the grateful audience, which in the evening were the master’s wife Marina Zudina and his friend and drama Anatoly Smelyanskiy, gold jewelry with diamond commemorative badge. Sketch precious award winner this year, did the artist Nikolai Simonov.

Direct speech

Evgeny Pisarev:

– Oleg Pavlovich one of the most Persistent on people’s lives. In the evening when we went play “Chamber Theatre. 100let” he did not feeling too well, and I thought he would not come. But he came, stayed for 2 hours and was the first person in the audience stood up and started standing ovation. He supported me, and paid special attention to the statement here said premium.

Anatoly Smelyanskiy:

– This is a personal award. We in the theater world such no longer exists. He goes to the performances, happy for their students. And this feeling of joy is reflected in its rewards.

Andrew Smolyakov:

– This award, I think, just a normal human, the viewer’s participation and teacher Oleg Pavlovich us. He is one of the few if not the only one and chide, and praise, and tell the truth. And it is impossible not to believe.

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