Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cause of death Arcadia Arkanov – acute heart failure – Proceedings

Early in the morning it became known about the death of 81-year-old satirist and playwright Arcadia Arkanov. According to some data, the cause of his death was acute heart failure caused by the dire state of his pulmonary system. Official representatives of Theater of Satire, which cooperates with well-known writer, confirmed the information about the death of Arcadia Arkanov.

Farewell to Arkady Arkanov will be held in the Central House of Writers, the date of the ceremony has not been determined, according to LifeNews.

Recall health status Arcadia Arkanov deteriorated last week. For the first time in recent years the writer became ill on March 13 and he called cardiac ambulance. Doctors have found that in the context of cancer at the satirist had pains in the sternum. Provide all necessary assistance and to stabilize the patient’s condition, the doctors left, leaving Arkanov home under the supervision of loved ones.

The next day, around noon on Saturday, satirist again became ill, Arcana began to choke, and he repeatedly called for an ambulance. Physicians at this time did not take risks and taken satirist in one of the departmental clinics in Moscow, where he later died.

Arkady Arcana born June 7, 1933 in Kiev. His first published story published in the journal “Youth” in 1963, where he worked as a freelance editor Arcana of humor and satire. In 1968, Arkady Arcana was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers.

Peru Arcadia Arkanov owns about a dozen books, a lot of stories, monologues, humoresques and scenarios for rooms, which served him and his colleagues. In addition, the Arcane wrote dozens of plays, which were staged in Moscow Theater of Satire. On television, Arkady Arcana conducted several programs, including “Around the laughter” and “White Parrot».


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