Wednesday, October 21, 2015

“Awakening Forces’ hits record – BBC

The sales of tickets for the film “Star Wars: The Awakening forces” confirmed another year forecasts that the seventh episode of the famous space saga could be one of the most lucrative in the history of the paintings. Trades ticketing sites fell one after another, unable to withstand the pressure of heated svezhevyshedshy trailer fans, but by the end of the day the situation can be said to come back to normal, and began to bring the first results.

About the money is reported only network IMAX, which was saved per day $ 6.5 million.

In the US, the so-called home theaters,” The Awakening forces “will go only 390 IMAX, reports THR. According to the network, this result beat the previous record of any company.

triumphant services from ticket sales generally follow one after the other. reported that incoming traffic to the site that day turned out to be the biggest in its 15-year history, and the new result is greater than the previous record three times. AMC Theatres, the second largest network in the United States, said that the 12 hours were sold in 1000 sessions, and the number of tickets sold ten times more than the previous achievements.

The Fandango, the largest network of ticket sales, the record is also held.

«On the” Star Wars “we have sold eight times more tickets than the first day of sales of the previous record holder” – leads EW According to the company.

This is the “Hunger Games”; Information about how many tickets were sold in 2012, during the hype about teenage dystopia Susan Collins, no, but the charges of the first weekend of this painting was $ 152.5 million. However, in the “Disney” and Lucasfilm clearly oriented not on the revenues .

Now the leader of a rating of revenues is starting “Jurassic World”: in the summer of 2015, the fourth film in the series has earned $ 208.8 million, and ahead of Marvel “Avengers”, which occupied the top spot for three years.

And most of all, the creators of “Awakening forces” expect at least ahead of the dinosaurs. At most, you may want to set a new record – and one that will not be beaten very, very long time. Especially since the theater continue to transmit in selling services and more new sessions: apparently, there is not expected that the “Star Wars” – is so serious.

Nearly final trailer

But before fees and possible to record still plenty of time. “The Awakening forces” will be released December 17 th – in Russia and the 18th – in the United States. In the meantime, the filmmakers decided to brighten up the expectations of the fans, not only pre-sale (Russian audience this option is not yet available), but also the new official trailer.

Directed by JJ Abrams, who seems to who decides what is good, and what is bad for the seventh “Star Wars” for two years with the fans is a distant galaxy original game. They are trying to learn more about what awaits them in the new picture, and he struggled (or forces, if you will) is trying to hide the truth from them. While Abrams wins.

Of course, he could not keep secret the cast – so we learned the names of the young actors John Boyega, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac. They learned that the seventh episode will return to the “old guard” – Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker (Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2D2, respectively). What is invited Andy “Gollum” Sёrkis, Max von Sydow and Gwendoline Christie of “Game of Thrones».

not only learned the main thing – what will be the film.

In this case, Abrams, actors and producers willing to come to different “ends are” and interacted with fans, talked about how it was interesting to work on “The Awakening forces” and what it will be a great episode – in the spirit of good old trilogy . But all knowledge of the plot based on a pair of small teasers (they came out in November 2014 and in April 2015 the first) and a three-minute clip from the set (it was shown in the summer). This is not counting the leaks “scenarios” of varying degrees of reliability.

Released simultaneously with the start of ticket sales trailer clarity not added.

On time of this writing it looked more than 25 million times, the audience noted the appearance of Carrie Fisher and lack Hamill (it, by the way, is not on the poster). But it was a lot of John Boyega – and the presence in distant galaxy black actor finally noticed racists, who called for a boycott “Awakening Forces.” As far as the appeal was effective, it can be measured by ticket sales. Well, the story – the story we learn in December. Barely two months.


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