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In the US, he died a star of westerns Maureen O’Hara –

The Irish actress Maureen O’Hara, received in 2014 the award “Oscar” for his contribution to world cinema, died on 96 year of life at his home in Idaho, surrounded by relatives and friends. His fame she got famous thanks to roles in Westerns 1950-60s.

“O’Hara died peacefully, listening to your favorite tune from the 1952 movie” The Quiet Man “- quoted by Reuters news agency manager and co-author of the memoirs of actress Johnny Nicoletti.

The red-haired star During his long career starred in more than 50 films of various genres: drama, adventure, westerns, comedies and family films. O’Hara was known explosive temper, vivid phrases and inspiring to the exploits roles. Thanks to color hair and green eyes, her surnamed “Queen of Technicolor” (Technicolor – a way to obtain a color film-image).

The road to a great movie for her opened after the role of the gypsy Esmeralda in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in 1939. From 1950 to 1957, O’Hara starred in three Westerns with a legend of American cinema, actor John Wayne. In the early 70-ies the actress practically ceased to act, but in 1991 still came back to the big screen for the role of the mother of the protagonist of the film “Only the Lonely” . In 1993, the actress’ name was included in the Hall of Fame cast in westerns westerns National Museum in Oklahoma.

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