Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gagloyev: all need to calm down and do a circus – BBC

29.10.2015, 18:00

Guide Russian State Circus Company is not considering acceding to the Great Moscow State Circus (MGBTS), headed by Edgardo Zapashny writes TASS , with reference to the general director Rosgostsirk Vadim Gagloyeva.

So Gagloyev commented on the letter from the Union of circus figures asking them to join MGBTS to Rosgostsirk. As previously reported «News» , Chairman of the Union of Emil Kio sent a letter to Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, which also asked to dismiss Edgard Zapashny as director of the Great Moscow State Circus for the fact that he took the side of the artists, previously retired from Rosgostsirk.

«Our artists perform and performed at the arena Great Moscow Circus. I just spoke with Zapashny today, and he asked a few rooms for Christmas events. We may have differences, but that does not mean that we have to deal with conflict and mutual accusations dishonest “, – said Gagloyev. “I think everyone should calm down and do a circus – creativity and development. We have with Edgardo Zapashny different relationships to specific issues related to the care of artists from Rosgostsirk. I believe that the dog is buried in the problems that have developed since the beginning of the 90s, when there was a substitution of notions, “Artist” and “Distributors” – says Gagloyev.

Earlier, the Russian state company quit leading artists, dynastic trainers Mstislav Zapashny Jr., Sergei Nesterov, Natalia Maikhrovsky Vasily Timchenko and their teams. The reason for dismissal – disagreement with the policy guidance Rosgostsirk.


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