Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Ukraine banned the show “Brigade” and eight other Russian serials – RIA Novosti

A shot from the serial movie Brigade. Archival photo

© Avatar Movie (2002)

KIEV, October 27 – RIA Novosti. The State Agency of Ukraine on cinema (State Cinema Committee) has decided to cancel the rolling Certificate seven films and refused to register the two serials of Russian production, according to the page of department in Facebook.

Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law which prohibits not only the series, promoting Russian forces, but and movies that are created by Russian legal entities from 2014 onwards. Agency refuses to issue such a movie rental certificates. The decision to issue and cancellation of certificates of rolling accepted the expert committee on the distribution and screening of films with the State Committee for Cinematography.

“The State Agency of Ukraine for a movie based on the decision of the Expert Commission on the distribution and screening of films with the State cinema during September-October 2015 refused state registration of the TV series” Dragon Syndrome, “” Only You “and revoked the state registration and canceled rental license movie “Streets of broken lamps – 5″, “We from the future”, “History of the pilot”, “brigade”, “Piranha (Piranha),” “Convoy PQ-17″, “The village”, – says the message.

State Film Committee of Ukraine in August of last year banned for showing 377 Russian films and serials. Russian director called the decision of the Kiev authorities the punishment for the Ukrainians, however, in their opinion, Russia should not take retaliatory action.


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