Friday, October 23, 2015

“Do not go in for sports and I love chocolate.” Monica Bellucci revealed the secret of her beauty – RIA FederalPress

Italian actress Monica Bellucci to play a Bond girl in the new movie “Spectrum”. Pretty girlfriend will be the age of 007 during the existence of “James Bond”. Monica four years older than most Bond – Daniel Craig just 47 years old.

Appearance Bellucci can only envy – in his age it looks surprisingly young and attractive. Thus Monica admits that it is not to fixate on their appearance. “I’m too lazy. I never went to the gym. I love chocolate and pasta. I’m not obsessed with being skinny, “- leads the Western media quoted Monica.
According to her, sexuality is not a nothing in common with age. “This sexy – in the head, in the imagination, and not the age of the body. When it comes to love and attraction, we do not have to worry about the number of years lived “- Bellucci said in an interview with British newspaper The Mirror.

Monica admits that surprised her offer to star in a film about James Bond. The actress believed she get the role of the boss 007, which was previously played by Judy Dench. But now the actress is delighted his role is no less than we do, when we learned about her participation in the film. She believes that her invitation to the role of the bridesmaids 007 – “This is an indication that the film is ready to reconsider its view on mature women».

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