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“Star Wars”: that the new fans learn from the trailer – BBC Russian

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Image caption New Trailer almost does not provide answers, maintaining the intrigue

Ten years later, “Star Wars” returned. On Tuesday, the creators of the seventh episode of the saga published the official trailer for the picture, which opens on December 18.

“The Power. It appeals to you” – these words are accompanied by a two-minute video in which fans saw again the familiar characters – Han Solo by Harrison Ford, Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

In the trailer and there are new characters – Rey by Daisy Ridley and Finn, played by John Boyega (both actors are mainly filmed in the series).

The trailer consists of excerpts from the dialogue on the background of the frame of the picture, flavored action-episodes involving Ridley and Boyega.

Where is Luc?

Perhaps, The most important thing associated with the release of the trailer, – as a small idea of ​​the plot pattern gives this movie, says cultural commentator BBC BBC lizo Mzimba.

“So many trailers reveal the whole story pieces, but the creators of” Star Wars “appear naturally decided that, given the popularity of the film, the best way to attract an audience – is to keep a secret, how to continue the famous saga” – says Mzimba.

However, fans worry that in the video is almost no mention of the protagonist of the original trilogy – Luke Skywalker.

“And now the question is, who cares, probably all: Where Luke Skywalker?” – wonderedmashabramova

“Do not , well, I do not play. Judging by the new trailer will go the way Luke Skywalker and his dad, too, will wear a black pot on the head “- suggestsvovanovichenko.

Some suspected that Luke is hiding in the form of a droid with a spherical rotating the lower part of the” trunk ” . Other theories predict Luke prisoner, exile and other disasters.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A copy of the order of the droid from a new episode of the saga

However, in the new trailer for a few seconds flashed man suspiciously reminiscent of the hero of the original trilogy. Unknown puts his hand on the fans favorite droid RD-D2, and shows that the mechanical arm. As many remember, Luke lost his arm in battle with Darth Vader. But Luke whether in the frame? Or is it Kailo Ren – the main antagonist of the new episode? Most likely, before the premiere answer to this question will not give the filmmakers.

But the main character of the universe is still back in the video – it’s the music of composer John Williams. “[His music] gave epic, made to feel something new and exciting, but at the same time very familiar,” – says Mzimba.

Tickets sold out

In the West, already hard sell tickets for the new movie of the saga.

In the US and UK fans so actively trying to buy tickets that servers on the sale did not survive. On the technical problems stated American system Movie Tickets, sells tickets to IMAX, movie theaters and AMC. In the UK lay site Fandango, the problems complained cinema chain Odeon.

Representatives of the British cinema chain Vue told that in the first 90 minutes of sales managed to sell ten thousand tickets – this figure is usually achieved within a few weeks.

To the delight of fans joined the social network Twitter, will present new smiley Emoji in the style of “Star Wars”: Imperial Fighter TIE, the ship of Han Solo “Millennium Falcon” and a fighter Rebel X-Wing.

In Runet is also discussed in detail Trailer – fans spread storyboard clips and look to the details, trying to understand what is happening in the scene.

But whether Russian cinema is waiting the same excitement as the West? Some users of social networks are confident that Episode VII will be a “new classic”. But this opinion is not shared by all. The younger generation is still asks the question, why the episodes IV-VI came sooner than I-III.

“Yet in the United States and Britain are much more popular in the universe of” Star Wars “, rather than with us. On the I think that this “boom” about the tickets will likely be a month before the premiere, “- says the creator of the community,” VKontakte “” Star Wars “(more than 27 thousand readers), Sergei Egorov.

Image copyright Lucasfilm via AP
Image caption Han Solo and Chewbacca back in a new episode of

Black hero and lightsaber Kailo Wren

Russian service of the BBC BBC spoke to the two fans of the universe of “Star Wars”, which operates the popular group dedicated kinosage, in the social network “VKontakte”.

“The impressions are mixed. It is not clear how the new characters will be linked to the original trilogy. As I understand it, the action will take place on the “backyard” of the galaxy. This can be understood according to the same Han Solo, who in the trailer said: “The dark side and the Order of the Jedi there.” I think, perhaps, that he is looking for a job Luc those “adherents of force” to replenish the number of orders. Also, I personally do not understand the phrase Kailo Rena: “I will continue your business” [hero utters these words, holding a mask of Darth Vader] and simultaneous scene with the helmet of Darth Vader. What’s the matter, he continued – a riddle “, – says Sergey Egorov.

” The trailer is very exciting and sneaks up ants. I think the film will be released chic and the plot and special effects. JJ Abrams will not fail! “- Says the administrator of the page Star Wars (more than 17 thousand subscribers) Andrew Gamayunov.

In recent days since the release of the trailer, the attendance of thematic pages in” VKontakte “sharply jumped up. In some cases – more than twice.

Many of the groups that exist for years, supported the activity due to the animated series “Clone Wars”. After closing the series of public began to rapidly lose readers. A little to rectify the situation helped the animated series “Star Wars: The rebels “.

” But when the news leaked about the filming of the new episodes, then I went to a sharp jump in activity. It can be concluded that people are waiting for something, and looks forward to continued, “- says Egorov.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Actors VII episode: Lupita Nyong’o, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac

After the release of the first trailer fans pelted group demotivators. Most joked form lightsaber Kailo Rena – weapons have a main blade, and two smaller light up on the sides, forming Garda.

Apart One of the main questions – where is Luke? – Fans are interested in the villain and the protagonist.

“People discuss John Boyega [expression on his face, and the fact that the actor black]. Racists now a lot”, – says Andrey Gamayunov.

In the West has gradually unfolding campaign disgruntled by the fact that one of the main roles is played by a black actor. Under the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII (“Boycott” Star Wars VII “) people claim that the painting promotes” white genocide “. However, the publication of The Daily Beast analyzed the profiles of the participants of the campaign and noted that many of them supporters of the candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, famous xenophobic statements.

“In Russia, there are opponents [actor], and loyal. Many argue their loyalty that was the same Mace Windu (Actor – Samuel Jackson), even Lando (Actor – Billy Dee Williams) from the original trilogy, “- says Egorov.

The new film” Star Wars ” open-sequel trilogy, episodes of which will come out every two years. At the moment, the two trilogies released movies grossed more than 4.38 billion dollars.


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