Monday, October 19, 2015

Channel One showed a “method” is not the whole of Russia – TVNZ

«The program yesterday was not the series. People Where did you look? “- Ask us readers with the Southern Urals, read our interview with Konstantin Khabensky, who played in the” Medote “the main role or analyst of the series.

« We Siberia also still did not show. Why? “- Wrote the second.

« We do not understand you. We are from a different reality “- the second third.

« Dear journalists – come and a response – and you can learn about and comment on this point: for some reason, the inhabitants of the Far East will be watching this masterpiece on a week later? Since when Ernst Cekalo & Co. ranked us second-class citizens? Central Russia looked, and we can not even share their impressions, and read other people’s comments to no avail. The Far East, such as more, not separate from Russia. It’s disgusting and unpleasant. ” (References are given with minor corrections.)

And the truth, what is it? Why did many of the programs (even those that went on the air) shows all over the country, and now – “method” show only “European” to the audience. It is with this question, we turned to the television “Environment” and its leader Alexander Cekalo. Actually, it was he, Cekalo, is one of the creators and already acclaimed inventor of the “method”. In an exclusive interview with “KP” Alexander admitted that the new system “teledemonstrirovaniya” created to fight pirates.

– If we show “Method” (referring to the Urals. – Ed.), It is Spectators of the European part of Russia awaited series, the Pirates have laid out would have pirated copies taken from the TV.

– And whose decision was that – yours, management of the channel?

– It was our joint decision with the first channel. Far East (as well as other regions, where the project did not come out. – Ed.) Will see the show next weekend. And we need to assess the achievement of the First and particularly Konstantin Ernst – in the sense that it’s a shortage of numbers (ratings, important for the scope of the TV. – Ed.), Made by his own hand. But we wanted to show the series as something new in the industry. And for the sake of this step on the throat of his own song. “Method” is late in the evening, although … at this because there are additional reasons. To do not have to cut and that the project could be displayed in the form, which was filmed – with all the emotions.

– you and the rest of their serials are planning to show at first only for Europe, and then – to the East? Spite pirates.

– «Method” is unconventional, not horizontally, but vertically (TV programming, in which a particular series of ether in any particular day of the week. – Ed. ) as the world go watch the drama. Therefore, if our series will fall in the same time slot (time span. – Ed.) If they will be something forbidden to be shown in prime time (popular with viewers while. – Ed.), We will show them in the same manner. It all depends on the genre, the complexity of the drama of any additional settings: whether there is a scene in the series of violence or erotic scenes. As for me, so in the “Methods” nothing forbidden, no! .. But soap operas, which are prime – that there will be, of course, looking at the whole country.

– I can not ask about the reaction of your colleagues, partners, friends, friends of the first series of the “Method» …

– I was once, at the beginning of my television career , someone said that the views of relatives and friends as well as relatives and friends of friends of relatives do not need to be taken into account, because they are obviously positive, with wishes of luck and success. Therefore, these opinions are important to me, including – the opinion of my wife, but the kids just can not even watch the TV series … But for me, a much more important suggestions “industrial” people who cook this business, and the version of the main auditorium, which is not Contact Me neither related nor friendly ties. They talk about how the show will be held until early because he did not fly for a week, and will be shown for two months, and only then we will know how the audience reacted to it. As for the people “of the industry,” that some of them looked “Method” in a closed, arranged specially for them and journalists show. But I believe that it is wrong to list the names of those laudatory comments about the show. Besides nehvalebnyh reviews were not …


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