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Johnny Depp is the Mass – BBC

«Black Mass” tells the story of James “Whitey” Bulger – the Boston gangster who amassed his criminal empire thanks to the patronage of the FBI, which for many years served as an important informant. The incredible story of Bulger for America today is relevant for two reasons. First – Whitey many years hiding from justice around the world and was caught only in 2011. The second – as an occasion for reflection on the imperfections of the state machine, whose good intentions lead the country into a well-known region. But this is something that concerns the story itself, but mainly a PR tool for the film Scott Cooper was not the biographical material, and the work of make-up artists who have turned to Bulger 50-year-old Johnny Depp. High forehead, brushed back sparse gray hair and blue lenses: each occurrence of Johnny on the screen – it is a separate attraction, which, however, by itself does not quite live up to being called art. Depp seems to be completely focused not on how to save a picture from a bad write and loose drama, but in fact did not become detached from his eyebrow.

In other words, “Black Mass” – hardly the film, which will strengthen the position of Depp in modern Hollywood.

More recently, thanks to Johnny “Pirates of the Caribbean” was the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and now his name is no longer able to provide the cashier: “Mordecai” failed about a year ago, and the “Black Mass” , published in the US in September, has not yet paid for the budget, even taking into account the international charges. Artist can understand that he recently married starlet Amber Heard, and in the summer also released an album of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, in which he plays covers of rock classics in the company of his childhood idols such as Alice Cooper. Movies in this coordinate system, of course, almost no space – and Depp himself said that some lost interest in the primary profession.

However, the final decision until the end of the film career is not accepted, “Times” I decided to recall the strengths of the actors who today might return him the respect of the old fans and surprise the audience who grew up on “Pirates of the Caribbean».

«Cry Baby” (1990)

The melodramatic retromyuzikl about teenage love – the most vivid reminder that Depp is really horrible image of a rock star. Suffice it to say that, having received the lead role in “Cry-Baby,” Johnny is not only not afraid of the neighborhood in the frame with one of his idols – Iggy Pop, but was not lost on his background. Note also that a rock ‘n’ roll the image of the actor is back once again, a year after “Cry Baby” – in the video for the song Tom Petty «Into The Great Wide Open», which is directed by Julien Temple turned into a real short film.

«At the last moment” (1995)

In recent years, we are a bit forgotten that Depp has always been a real actor, a chameleon, able to transform beyond recognition without the aid of expensive makeup. For example, in one of his first works in genre films – a thriller Joe Bedema “At the last moment” – the actor of habit you can not learn. Here he played a weak-sighted accountant who is forced to take part in the assassination of a member of the government for the sake of his daughter. Viewers accustomed to the macho and eccentric hypostases artist, will certainly be surprised by how reliably it can play the confusion was in trouble clerk.

«Dead Man” (1995)

The absolute and indisputable masterpiece filmography Jim Jarmusch and Johnny Depp, the picture of the dying as a journey, and how the verses are bullets. The film in which Depp not only reappears in the form of several lost and even cowardly hero, but almost without words played in the transformation of the character of the warrior-poet William Blake. In principle, it is due to the role of spectators who had turned at least 30 years old, able to forgive Depp bondage “Pirates».

«Donnie Brasco” (1997)

sweeping criminal retrodrama telling about how working undercover special agent finds a friend in the face of an aging mobster, who for reasons of workers forced to betray. However, popular in the past, a genre of criminal saga is less important than the undiscounted fantastic duo Depp and Al Pacino.

«Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998)

Another classic film that is quite impossible to get around – a psychedelic film adaptation Hunter S. Thompson novel, implemented Terry Gilliam. Depp has played here the writer’s alter ego Raoul Duke, and it is on the site of “fear and hatred …” the first time he was able to try on his bald head – which was, let us recall, the key attraction of the “Black Mass».

“Once in Mexico” (2003)

already signed a contract for the “Pirates” Johnny still found the time to get to the site of the sequel “Desperado” by Robert Rodriguez. Despite the fact that formally the protagonist of the film is performed by musician Antonio Banderas, a CIA agent Sands, played by Depp, in fact, I pushed him to the forefront. The reason for this is perfectly thought-out way, and forever imprinted in the memory of “blind” exchange of fire near the end of the film.

«Johnny D” (2009)

John Dillinger, which Depp played not quite clear film critic Michael Mann, was perhaps the last uniquely outstanding work actor. Depp plays a absolute thing in itself, a man who is determined primarily through action rather than through words. Johnny draws an image of the character of the hero and a minimum of artistic means, not a bit romanticizing the famous robber. However, the sympathy of the audience are mostly still on his side.


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