Friday, October 16, 2015

Serebrennikov Kalyagin offered Bogomolov and “humble pride” – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, October 16 – RIA Novosti. Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation (STD), the actor and director Alexander Kalyagin advised director Konstantin Bogomolov and Kirill Serebrennikov, refused to participate in the national award “Golden Mask” “humble pride” and base their decisions, “not only on themselves, their feelings and ambitions,” and take into account the opinion of colleagues involved in the work on productions.

It was reported earlier that Serebrennikov, single-handedly led the Moscow theater ” Gogol center “, refused to participate in the competition program of the national award” Golden Mask “. Thus he wrote on his page on Socio network Facebook. A similar statement in the summer made in his blog, theater director Konstantin Bogomolov.

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation expressed regret about the decision of Serebrennikov and Bogomolov, noting that it recognizes “the right of a creative person to consider his art is not subject to another’s judgment.”

“My friends! Humble pride. Firstly, you do not write novels, when for all the answers only the author himself, and then he is free to participate or not to participate in any of literary contests. You work in the theater and among the authors of your performances there are other talented people. It would be good to take into account their views, “- wrote Kalyagin in an open letter to the directors, published on the official website of the CTD on Friday.

Chairman of the Theatre Union of Russia called directors “in their decisions come not only from themselves, their feelings, their ambitions.” “There is a common cause, there are colleagues,” – emphasizes Kalyagin.,

The actor and artistic director of the Moscow theater “Et Cetera” noted in the letter that such a position could bring to the point of absurdity. “Do not let the spectators to their performances that, for whatever reasons, do not take your performance. Ignore them through special protective frames and allow to your performance just elected – only those who have reached an understanding, and only those who are able to assess your work on the dignity “- continues to Kalyagin, noting that one should not forget that the theater – it is a social institution.

” This is a part of society that is very fragmented, made up of various groups of citizens, of different social status, practicing different religion and therefore think differently, often diametrically differently “, – said in the letter.

Kalyagin noted that no premium will never be able to gather expert advice that would suit everyone.

“Life consists entirely of compromise – this is the truth, which is well known to you without me. That does not mean that you should compromise its moral and artistic principles, I do not call to become conformists. But I encourage in their decisions to proceed not only on themselves, their feelings, their ambitions. There is a common cause, there are colleagues, there is a national theater, as we all strive to ensure that our theater has developed, updated, has been varied, but retains and its unity, “- said Kalyagin.

In summary, STD Chairman expressed regret that “such vivid directors refuse to take part in a major Russian theater award”.


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