Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Assad in the future – Radio Liberty

Strictly speaking, these events took place in California, and at first glance, have a relation to Russia – but users Russian social networks reacted to the match, the visitors from the past with all the attention.

Yes, today the same day from the movie “Back to the Future 2″. Marty McFly should fly from the 1985 to our present – 21 October 2015 th.

However, if not accurately follow the movie, Marty arrives on the night of the 22nd Moscow time.

Not only #BackToTheFuture, and # NazadVBuduschee entered the top of Twitter in Russia, and no wonder:

Ilya Klishin

Today, you’ll see a lot of screenshots from the movie “Back to the Future 2″, funny fotozhab where Marty is on a background of nine-in Russia, as well as journalism that of the predictions came true. Then you will see a lot of posts about how it got. Then you will see the posts that were first posts about the film, and then the posts about how sick of it, although that’s actually already and he’s

Many have tried to be ironic about the imminent epidemic comparisons the reality of our 2015 th and of the way of the future, which is represented in the film.

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Stanislav Yakovlev

I’m the McFly, everything is OK, do not worry

But if Currently McFly landed in present-day Russia, many were quick to welcome him about these words:

To learn how to be acted McFly, have appeared in Russia in 2015, you can really guess. But guess many in the main the same:

And here is the reason:

Ivan Davydov

For me, sire our movie “Back to the Future” is not seen, but remember the name. Handy.

Marty, however, there are plenty to choose from:

Not all, however, Russophobia venturing – hoverboard and flying machines do not come up yet in America. Expectedly-popular genre today – comparison fantasies Robert Zemeckis and reality given us in sensation.

Of course there are optimists:

But they are in the minority:

Green Cat

always afraid that date. After all, it not only means that we are in the future and it is not quite so, as we would like, but the fact that we are now in the past.

Where are the flying cars, clean fusion energy of banana peel and samozastegivayuschiesya sneakers? Where passengers interplanetary flights, hotels and lunar time machine? The future is clearly not what is expected.

For example, a comparison on the site Geektimes:

some depicted curiosities and remains the subject of dreams. It is not only flying cars to nuclear fusion that do not need petrol. In the film, a rejuvenation in 2015, is a common practice. Today’s centenarians live as much as thirty years ago, even a chance to live a long time in modern man above. A recently presented prototypes hoverboard from Lexus and Hendo fly only on specially prepared surfaces.

But something Zemeckis still managed to predict. “ New Day “:

The film 1989 Marty and Doc made several appearances in the frame with “smart” glasses, with their help, the characters talking on the phone and do more some unimaginable then action. Of course, the project of “smart” glasses Google Glass can not be called a success, and mass market these glasses do not come out. But they look almost the same as in the movie, and preview functions must be performed by.

But tablets, which appeared in the film several times, entered the life of modern man firmly. And if in the “Back to the Future” on such devices could only sign or perform basic activities, today’s tablet is much more advanced.

Another guessed Zemeckis element of the future – a videoconference . In the film, the characters often were talking to a TV with a built-in camera. Today, even a computer for videosvzyazi not needed – just install Skype or other Messager into your smartphone.
 The article Konstantin Ranks at the “Elephant” – a very detailed list of what is predicted from the film managed to create that in the process of creation and what is not yet in sight. The conclusion is:

«Back to the Future – 2″ is really rich in innovative ideas, amazing for 1989. But what is most interesting – in the field of information technology, we have surpassed any wildest imagination quarter-century ago. This was made possible thanks to the emergence of the Internet, the miniaturization of computers, creating screens with higher resolution and better ways to transfer data. But in the area of ​​curbing the fundamental forces of nature, especially gravity, we are still marking time.

to blame American imperialism – according to some commentators.

Eric Oldmann

you are tired with your hoverboard and Marty, we can not see them for another hundred years. Why is that? Because the heroes of the 20th century were the astronauts, and the heroes of the 21st – bablonavty. And all the technological breakthrough that mankind has made since the grand launch of the Jura, Gagarin was reduced to wrapped in a shiny wrapper iPhone total surveillance.

Denis Tukmakov

Today loudest yearn for the flying skateboards exactly those in the rest of the poses lip “Yes, why do we need space?” pisses the fear of nuclear energy, loves to boast, “I do not understand anything in this your physics-mathematics” despises “shovels mugs Houses of Pioneers,” the creation of new public any engine sees only “drank and kickbacks,” and the essence of progress considers different rounding corners of the new phone.

However, in An alternative is to consider the essence of progress even mugs, and, for example, the struggle for the “Russian” or “multi-polar” world (during which funding circles, to put it mildly, does not improve).

Oh, if only. In fact, instead of Marty McFly arrives in Moscow secretly Assad:

No, Hafez and his son Bashar:

The meeting can be interpreted, of course, different. Or so:

Or this:

Or this:

Ivan Davydov

Vladimir Putin and his famous collection of deposed dictators.

Or even so:

Most of the attention attracted by reports that Russia is ready to “participate in the postwar reconstruction” of Syria.

However, whether there will be Assad after the war at the head of Syria – the big question. There is also such an interpretation of his visit to Moscow:

Mikhail Emelianov

Looks like a house on the ruble flew look .. There is still more fun than Tehran ..

C it is certainly possible to argue:

Did you discuss the participation of Russian troops in ground operations in Syria, Peskov not reported. In any case,

And the cherry on the cake today’s holiday:

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