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The mysterious crash: why the plane crashed “Kogalymavia” – RBC

The first news that in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula, 100 km from El Arish in Egypt plane crashed Russian airline “Kogalymavia,” appeared in the early morning of the eleventh. A source in the Federal Air Transport Agency said that a radar disappeared Airbus 320 en route from Sharm el Sheikh to St Petersburg.

«According to preliminary data, the Airbus 321″ Kogalymavia “carrying out flight 9268 Sharm-el -Sheyh – St. Petersburg, took off at 06:51 MSK. At 7:14 he had not made contact with Larnaca (Cyprus), the label disappeared from radar screens, “- said the representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency TASS Sergey Isvolsky.

According to the online scoreboard airport Pulkovo Airlines flight arrival” Kogalymavia ” 7K 9268 from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg on schedule expected at 12:10 MSK. Later arrival time has been changed to 13:40. Some time later flight information disappeared from the display.

A little later, a plane crash with Russian tourists on board confirmed Reuters on the Office of the Prime Minister Sherif Ismail. The representative of the rescue service also said that the plane crashed in a mountainous region, and the way to the crash site complicated by bad weather conditions.

no survivors

Survivors of passengers in the wreckage A321 Russian airline collapsed there, reported the day, the Associated Press referring to the Egyptian authorities.

According to the rescuers have found the bodies of all the children on board, and the majority of passengers. The dead Egyptian Air Force aircraft and ambulances transported to the capital, Cairo, where they will be transported to Russia, reported the Dutch edition of De Telegraaf.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia has published lists of passengers of the crashed airliner. On board were 224 people, including 24 children and seven crew members.

The head of the Egyptian company for airports said that the board had only Russian citizens. Later, the agency Reuters referring to the Egyptian authorities reported that among the dead were three citizens of Ukraine. Officially, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet confirmed the data. The Ukrainian Embassy in Egypt verifies this information. Belarussian Foreign Ministry said that according to preliminary data, on board was a citizen of Belarus.

In the lists of passengers of the crashed Airbus 321 listed as the deputy head of Pskov Alexander Kopylov told RBC city mayor Ivan Tsesersky. He flew on a vacation with the head of the personnel department of the Pskov city council Elena Melnikova. “They lived together. He took off and gave Elena a birthday trip to Egypt “- said Tsesersky.

Technical problems

As the data, aircraft , en route flight 7K 9268 of the Sharm el-Sheikh at the Pulkovo airport, took off at 03:51 on the Coordinated Universal Time UTC (06:51 MSK). By 04:11 UTC (07:11 MSK) the aircraft gained altitude of 33 thousand. 500 feet (10 210 meters) and speed 404 knots (748 km / h). At 04:13 UTC (07:13 MSK), the aircraft’s speed suddenly dropped to 184 knots (341 km / h), and then – up to 93 knots (172 km / h), and height – up to 28 thousand. 375 ft (8649 m ). On this track the flight finishes – in all probability, A321 transponder stopped transmitting data about the parameters of flight.

According to the portal, before the plane stopped transmitting data about the parameters of flight, speed airliner plummeted from 748 to 172 km / h. But before disappearing from the radar plane declining at a rate of about 1.8 km / min.

The pilot before the crash has requested an emergency landing at the airport of El Arish, the cause was a technical fault, reports Interfax, citing an official statement by the aviation authorities of Egypt.

According to RIA Novosti, the crew several times a week complained of problems with the engine. This is unlikely, says RBC director of the Center for Economic Research of monitoring, analysis and prediction of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation Alexander Friedland: “I do not believe it.” When reporting a fault plane has to pass all the necessary checks.

According to the Egyptian aviation authorities, the basic version of the A321 accident Russian passenger airline “Kogalymavia” is a technical fault on the board, told television channel Euronews. Version A321 technical failure is seen as the main reason for the collapse of the ship, told the Interfax source familiar with the situation. In addition, treated and other versions of the crash: the human factor and the adverse weather conditions, coupled with the complex mountainous terrain.

The commander of the crashed A321 Valery Nemov had more than 12 thousand. Flight hours, said a representative of “Kogalymavia”, arguing that pilot error is completely eliminated. She also claims that the aircraft was fully serviceable.

Before the flight from Sharm el-Sheikh Russian plane was necessary technical inspection, any fault has been identified. This was stated by the head of the Egyptian company for airports Adele Mahgub. The plane had all the permits and certification for the flight, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov. Before departure comes the launch and testing of engines, RBC says Friedland. “In the process of automatic testing indicates various parameters. If something is wrong, the crew did not take off. They are not suicide, “- said the expert.

The version of the possibility of a terrorist attack, the Egyptian authorities have categorically denied. “Judging by the fact that the pilots transmitted messages to the ground, hit by a missile was not” – Alexander Friedland points.

Plane Crash due to technical malfunctions during the flight – a rarity, says Friedland. The most common cause of the accident is the human factor. The rarity and the fact that the accident occurred at FL: As a rule, the crash occurs during takeoff or landing. Technical problems can happen to the electrical system, causing a fire, suggests the expert. We can not exclude the possibility of an explosion in the cargo area, he said.

Do not the old board

Age crashed plane – 18 years and five months, from the data on Flightradar and Airlines’ Kogalymavia “he belongs to March 2012. He was the oldest aircraft in the fleet of the company, according to the publication “Fontanka”. It is not the highest for the age of the aircraft. According to estimates Forbes, the average age of aircraft in Russian airline – 16.3 years. The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev said today that the average Russian planes in ’21.

According to the portal, the first flight of the Airbus 321 is dated May 9, 1997. The representative of Airbus, was quoted by ITAR-TASS news agency, said the ship during the operation was provided to air carriers in several leasing companies – ILFC, Onur Air, IST-DAM 3 and AerCap.

Aircraft used by companies such as Middle East Airlines , Onur Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Cham Wings Airlines. Two of them were taken from the plane leasing companies several times: Onur Air – four (retaking other companies), Saudi Arabian Airlines – twice. Russian airline “Kogalymavia” got the car from a leasing company ILFC March 30, 2012

Rostransnadzor began an unscheduled inspection “Kogalymavia” Safety, told Interfax the representative office. Last check companies from Rostransnadzora took place in March 2014. Then the violations were discovered, but they were eliminated in time, the agency reported.

The Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS) opened a criminal case on st.263 Criminal Code (violation of safety rules of air transport), the maximum sentence – up to seven years in prison. According to spokesman Vladimir Markin TFR, to investigate the circumstances of the crash created investigative team. To take part in the investigation at the crash site, the investigators the central office of the UK flew to Egypt spetsbortom MOE.

Soon after the statement appeared Markina reports of searches in the office of “Kogalymavia.” A company representative denied this information.

The reaction of the authorities

Emergency Management in St. Petersburg published a phone hotline, which provides information about the crash: 8 ( 812) 299-99-99, 8-800-100-20-01 and 8-800-775-17-17. In Pulkovo airport directed by psychologists, who will communicate with relatives of passengers of the crashed aircraft. At the airport, all Saturday will run the operational headquarters, said spokesman Andrew KIBIT Smolny.

Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to relatives of those killed in a plane crash passengers and announced on November 1 a day of mourning. Throughout the country, should be lowered national flags of the Russian Federation, and broadcasters and cultural institutions asked to cancel entertainment programs and activities.

Putin and Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to form a commission in connection with the accident, said the Kremlin. Commission decision of Medvedev was headed by Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. Ministers and Heads of Emergencies Ministry instructed to fly to Cairo.

expressed condolences to the relatives of victims and the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko.

Russian Emergencies Ministry alerted to the departure of three aircraft with rescuers on board. “The willingness to respond given airmobile group detachment” Centrospas “center” Leader “EMERCOM of Russia, two IL-76 aircraft and one aircraft Be-200″ – said ITAR-TASS in the MOE.

As RBC reported the Ministry of Health, head of the department Veronika Skvortsova ordered to send to St. Petersburg psychologists Federal Center. Serbian, and to help the urban regional specialists to conduct an identification parade of bodies flew to experts of the Russian Center of Forensic Medicine of Ministry of Health. In Cairo, directed a senior fellow at the Russian Center for Forensic Medicine.

Who flies to Egypt

Airline “Kogalymavia” (“Kolavia», KOLAVIA) was founded May 17, 1993. The company was initially engaged in charter and scheduled air transportation and helicopter services for the oil and gas industry. The first flights “Kolavia” carried out from Kogalym Surgut and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Mineralnye Vody and Krasnodar.1 May 2012 KOLAVIA company rebranded and given a new name – Metrojet. From June 2013 the airline became a member of the international tourist holding TH & amp; C.

The passengers of the crashed Airbus A321 airline “Kogalymavia” were clients of Turkish tour operator Brisko, told RBC executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

In October and November, Egypt gets to the Russians most massive trend of outbound tourism. According to the statistical agency of Egypt, in October 2014 the country was visited by 350.1 thousand. Russians, in November 2014 – 310.2 thousand. But this year, as already reported by RBC, the number of tourists in all key areas of the mass falls. In particular, from January to April, reduced the number of Russians who visited Egypt. In May and June, when the ruble strengthened, the number of tourists started to grow, but in July and August, started to decline again.

Source: Flightradar24


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