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In Moscow, opened the Big Cartoon Festival – Russian newspaper

IX Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow began on 30 October and will last until November 8. At 5 in the capital markets during this period will show more than 350 films from around the world. The festival features the best of the author’s animation: Russian and foreign short films, feature-length cartoons and series for children, adolescents and adults.

In addition, BFM held meetings with directors, workshops and even multvecherinki for children Youth and Family. The festival opened with a full-length film “The Boy Phantom.” The fact that the picture was at the opening, does not mean that it can not be viewed in the cinema during the festival. Its authors are known to us on the animated film “Life of the cat.” It Ganol Alain and Jean-Loup Felisioli. To do the work on the famous French studio Folimage. Cartoon tells about a boy who could walk through walls. And where with such skill? Of course, the investigator. Alas, the investigator confined to a wheelchair and an assistant with such supernormal it is simply necessary.

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“RG” offers some tips on how to navigate the festival.

Tip One. Note the specially crafted thematic blocks of new films.

You can recommend, for example, “Premier” and “winners”. The “premiere” – the five most recent collections, Russian author of cartoons, taken over the past year. Of the five programs is a block and “winners”, dedicated to the most successful, award winning festival and discussed the foreign cartoons.

Tip Two. Watch for new products.

The new feature-length films – “chip” of the festival. For children, for example, and for adults, will be interesting cartoons about Moomin: three pictures taken in the past year. For teenagers – film, made as one of his favorite books “Pettson and Findus. Little tormentor – a great friendship.” For them – adventure picture from France “On top of the world”, tells the story of the journey of a young Russian aristocrat in the far north. Adults may be interested in the grim modern version of The Little Mermaid “Little of the fish shop”.

Tip Three. Choosing a cartoon, have a look at the age limits.

Otherwise, there is danger of the story of the child to the picture, after which he falls asleep and, on the contrary, an adult can go to a movie for the kids and sleep the whole thing.

Tip Four. Look for the special program this year, “Such is life”.

The program includes four thematic sub-programs: “Do not give them to blossom” (a collection of stories about the relationship between parents and children), “Work is not a wolf” ( comic and sometimes dramatic short film about the professional life), “What Dreams May Come” (a strong desire and their consequences) and “He and She” (cartoons about the relationship between men and women).

Tip Five. Do not miss the “highlight of the program.”

The first – especially in Moscow, St. Petersburg arrives director Konstantin bronze. In BFM – a retrospective of his films and a meeting with the audience at which he will talk about his latest cartoon, “We can not live without space” has received numerous awards. A lecture by Yuri Norstein devoted to music in animation.

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Council of the sixth. Experience a sense of pride for the “Soyuzmultfilm”.

Every year passes BFM representation of one of the best Russian studios. At this time, for the audience – a selection of “New Life” Soyuzmultfilm “. It will show children’s films, shot on the new” Soyuzmultfilm “in the last year, and it will be possible to recall and favorite pictures of previous years.

Board of the seventh. Learn more about the animation of other countries.

Traditionally, in the “School” new movies graduates of film schools in Russia and other countries. This year, a retrospective of the most famous school of animation England – Royal College of Art. In the three programs, retrospectives, there are the latest movies, and a selection of the best films in 30 years, where you can see theses pictures of the future stars of the animation, and one selection – “Different faces of reality”, which shows how the work of animation, reality and document. Top cartoons Polish partner of the year will be presented to BFM – festival “O! Pla”. Also at the festival will show a collection of Norwegian animation for children and a few English programs from the British Council in Moscow for teens and adults. In addition, the festival will be presented to the German avant-garde 20 ies of the last century – a unique animation program.

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Council of the eighth. Get used to the animated series.

For the children and teenagers on BFM satisfied “matinee serials,” which will show the new Russian projects, the new episodes of the already beloved TV series and programs of foreign short films for children.

Council of Nine. Do cartoons themselves.

During the festival for children working “factory cartoon” – entertaining developing platform on which parallel in non-stop mode is just over 20 mini animation studios. This year, the “Factory of the cartoons” runs from 4 to November 8 at the Cultural Center of ZIL.

Council of Ten. Do not forget about the archive.

The archive block BFM this year it’s three programs. The best movies of Russian Open Animated Film Festival presents a selection of “Suzdal 2002″. The “Missed movies 90″ shows films of those years, when the festival was not. At this time – 1992 work. The program of “In Memoriam” is dedicated to the memory of animation figures, who left last year.

Closing Film BFM came from Korea. Cartoon “girl companion and dairy cow” filmed Hen Chan-young, whose animation fans know from the animated film “The Wolf Daddy”. In this fantastic tale to tell about the satellite, which has turned into a girl, and musicians turn into a cow …

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