Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Driver “Krasnogorsk arrow” scared the last murder – Kommersant

The first of the developer environment Krasnogorsk Amiran Giorgadze, who the day before, according to the investigation, shot four people gave testimonies drivers businessman. One of them, Shota Elizbarashvili yesterday most of the day was with Amiran Giorgadze and was present at all the crimes, and encouraged him to leave the boss last murder victim of which was accidentally hit them on the road scooter. The search of the developer is currently ongoing.

Driver “Krasnogorsk arrow” Amiran Giorgadze, at the same time carrying out the functions of his bodyguard, Shota Elizbarashvili surrendered to law enforcement authorities. Before that, his lawyer called the police and informed of the intention of the client. “Now, investigators are working with him, – said the spokesman of the TFR Vladimir Markin.- According to the driver, he was close to Giorgadze before the murder casual passer-skuterista then got scared and decided to voluntarily come to the police».

Indications Mr. Elizbarashvili allowed investigators to fully restore the chronology of events on Monday. As the driver, the first victims of Amiran Giorgadze was the first deputy head of the Krasnogorsk district of his friend and leader Yuri Karaulov “Krasnogorsk grids” George Kotlyarenko who were shot in the office of the official in the regional administration. Amiran Giorgadze then drove to his house in the village Timoshkino, where he had an appointment with a business partner Tristan Zakaidze. According to the driver, the latter allegedly owed a large sum to the developer. As a result, Amiran Giorgadze business partner killed. His last victim was the last scooter Muscovite Konstantin Smyslov, accidentally fell to the developer along the way, his businessman shot out of his Range Rover, apparently for fear that the police will indicate the direction in which the fugitive disappeared. Today, MK reported that 53-year-old sense to work in the security service of the newspaper.

While the driver Elizbarashvili is in the status of the witness, investigators have yet to determine whether it had any relation to the committing crimes. Meanwhile, Head of Research Affairs of the Moscow region Viktor Spiders reported that detained and giving evidence and the second driver Amiran Giorgadze (it is not called).

The search of the developer continues, police Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk districts working in a special mode. Already found Range Rover businessman. This was reported by the official representative of the Interior Ministry Elena Alekseeva. “The car in which the shooter fled after committing the crime, was found”, – she said. According to Ms. Alekseeva, a foreign car found at a car wash near Riga highway near the crime scene. Inside was found a bag with arms and ammunition.

Elena Alekseeva also noted that Amiran Giorgadze registered one gun, the information about the rest of the weapon they used to be confirmed by criminologists.

Alexander Alexandrov


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