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Daria Zlatopolsky – about the children’s talent show “Blue Bird” – BBC

On Sunday, November 1 on the channel “Russia 1″ will start the new TV contest for gifted children “Blue Bird”. The participants will compete in solo singing, playing musical instruments, dance and circus arts, trying to demonstrate what they have learned in schools and studios. The jury consisted of professional teachers, folk artists of Russia – violinist and conductor Svetlana Bezrodnaya, rector of the Choreographic School named after Vaganova ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze and performer of Russian romances singer Pogudin. On the eve of the start of the competition it leads Zlatopolsky Daria, known for “Dancing with the Stars” and “White studio” told “” on the principles of selection of the participants, why should strive to become Netrebko, and how to make a loss inoffensive.

– Tell me about the contest “Blue Bird” – what is this format, why did you choose it and who will participate?

– First of all, we have to the creators of the program team wanted to go back to the tradition of the children’s competitions, in which the level of professionalism of the participants was very high. Mark is the children who with two or three years engaged in music, circus, dance, children with hard workers. This reminds those tenders, which were in the Soviet era. After all, the Soviet Union had developed than anywhere else, the different schools and studios, and our artists were in first place in the world – in the classical choreography, circus. And we must pay tribute to those teachers that this heritage preserved.

While working on “Blue Bird” we were amazed at how small towns teachers receive very small salaries, were able to save, for example, our school of pianism which gave everyone – from Horowitz to Matsuev. The same with violinists, a circus, a choreography.

Today, we are born such brilyantiki that I wanted them to emphasize and give them a course on the TV screen.

– It looks like a kind of children’s version of the Tchaikovsky Competition.

– In terms of the level of the contestants – yes. If this is a circus and a man standing on his head, he is her last eight years of his, let’s say, fourteen – and makes it so that Tsiskaridze makes “ah!”. We had a very large casting, and even some of the mothers who brought their children to see who was selected themselves said that they have yet to learn. Well, in terms of the genres we have more variety. I am glad that we have added a circus direction, we have a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, in which we are the best in the world.

– Without false modesty, the best?

– absolutely! It really is. Yet we are ballroom dancing, which we usually takes two or three first lines and rhythmic gymnastics, where we are also the best.

– What, in your view, the main difference between “Bluebird “TV competition from other talents?

– The main thing is that the children, who can become quite real world stars. Because it is in these areas of our artists are recognized internationally. If the performance of pop music, none of Russian until he was Michael Jackson, then there is Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Netrebko, which opens the season at the “Metropolitan Opera” Denis Matsuev. Or Valery Gergiev, who can lead any of the major orchestras of the world. This is a completely different level of recognition in pop music is the level of, for example, Madonna or Beyonce.

– How do you assess the ranking potential of “Blue Bird»?

– To be honest, I believe that television for people. And we have to offer them something that will be fun to watch, otherwise it will be unfair to the resources that we use – television broadcasting. Television – the art of democracy, but on the other hand, wanting to please the audience, we always go back to what was successful. He became a successful any format – and all of its starting to copy, not realizing that it worked smoothly because if there were conditions. And then the conditions are different, and we must not be afraid to come up with something new.

– And you came up with this new?

– Yes. But I understand how much risk we are going. We have classical music, children play the violin, the piano – Hello, this is the channel “Russia”! It’s a bit unusual, but the strangeness of this is due not to the fact that we are tall, slim and cultural willing to work for those 3% of the audience, who really like piano music.

I believe and I want to hope that it you need a wider range. It’s one thing when Pletnev interprets in his Second Concerto of Rachmaninov, and quite another – when you see the work, phenomenal skill and passion, which is the product of putting a child. It is not about the piano! But for me it is no less Jolly history than, for example, “Dancing with the Stars».

– And how, in your opinion, need competitive contests for young talents? Do not defeat undermines their faith in themselves?

– You know, I still remember, as a child at some competitions I won the first place, I remember my emotions. And also remember how to win, as it was important for me. That is a defeat – a collapse, and, of course, the child is feeling will last a lifetime. He will be working on it, trying to get rid of him. Therefore, in the “Bluebird”, we do everything to defeat is not perceived as a tragedy.

– You have created a rule for the losers?

– Not really. We just wish that there was no competition in the intense competition that losing does not become painful memories for participants from childhood. I understand how it is important for TV clash of interests. But I have the most four year old son, and I were present to any child of his, and the place of mothers represent myself.

We decided on what seemed like madness, and colleagues have supported us. The jury does not expose assessments nobody no one compares and kicks.

This is a very, very soft selection process, and none of the participants leaving with the feeling that life is over and no chance left.

What we are doing is contrary to the principles of the TV contest, and for us it is a risk.

– But those children who doing the same music professionally, at least at the level of music schools, are constantly in a competitive environment. Do not get so that after the contest they will relax you?

– No, do not come out. Competition is there for us, but the analysis is conducted at the level to which they are accustomed. And if the child did not take note him that the jury necessarily would say. And nothing offensive in that you have not taken note, no. When you are judged by objective criteria, defeat is not a psychological experience. It’s like in sports: a runner can not take offense at the fact that he came in fourth. We had to just run faster.

– The winner yet you still will. What did he get for winning?

– We mention all of the finalists. With them, for example, will play the star, it will help to prepare the room. There will be a grand prize, but he is likely to be chosen for a particular winner. About it is better to say this: our appeal will help the child to carry some of his dream. It will be a kind of miracle that will happen to him and that he will remember for a lifetime.

– Is it easy to work with children on television?

– You know, but they are not children. They are worse than we are. As Tsvetaeva said: “Our children are older than us, because they are living longer and more of us. They’re older than us from the future. ” And of course, when the child is three years of working, it shapes the character of more than thirty years following a career. But for me, working in the “Blue Bird” was the same as in the “White Studio”: it is necessary to talk with the guests in their own language. With a child the same. The children are all different, it is a certain peace. There are children who are almost autistic, who almost did not hear what you tell them.

And you have to tune in to his wave to ask him questions that he might be interested in answer.

– you would like your child to participate in this competition?

– You know, I would not mind if It will be a certain level of talent and he is to work hard.

competition of young talents “The Blue Bird»
Sunday, November 1st, 16.00
channel “Russia 1»


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