Friday, October 23, 2015

Budget 2016 made it to the deputies – Kommersant

The annual budget, calculated for 2016, today submitted to the Duma. The main financial document drawn up with a three-percent deficit. Together with the budget introduced a large package of related documents – including those caused much debate a bill on the indexation of pensions in 2016 by only 4%.

Today, the government has submitted to the State Duma the bill on the federal budget for 2016. Income and expenses have been increased by 161 billion rubles. in comparison with the option approved at a cabinet meeting on October 8. Thus, the income of the treasury $ 13.7 trillion rubles., But the planned spending – 16.1 trillion rubles., The budget deficit remains at the level of 3% of GDP. The increase in revenues, explained yesterday, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, in particular, due to the decision to maintain oil export duty at 42% throughout 2016, and not nine months.

In 2016, instead of a new anti-crisis plan is planned to establish a fund to support sectors of the economy – accounted for in the draft budget allocations in the amount of 65 billion rubles. According to Anton Siluanov, the fund could reach 150 billion rubles. According to the adopted today in the second and final third reading the bill budgetary surpluses of January 1, 2016 amount to 150 billion rubles. will be directed to support the sectors of the economy, citizens, regional budgets and the provision of humanitarian assistance to foreign nationals.

With a budget of the State Duma introduced a package of bills – in particular, the forecast of socio-economic development Russia for the years 2016-2018, the main directions of budgetary and tax policy. Also submitted a draft on the indexation of pensions from 1 February 2016 in a 12% (at actual inflation), and only 4%. The government promises that the possibility doindeksatsii pensions will be considered in the first half. In addition, next year will not be indexed pensions to working pensioners.

Eugene Kryuchkov

The budget structure loses elasticity

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov Oct. 19 announced additional budget revenues-2016, even if they are locked will not be distributed among the new recipients and, as in 2015, will go to cover the budget deficit. At best, it can facilitate the financing of expenditure in the years 2017-2018. The Ministry of Finance also confirmed his intention to withdraw from the recipients of budget investments, mainly state-owned companies, at least the interest from placing funds on deposit. Read more


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