Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bekmambetov’s film “Ben-Hur” will be released in the US in August 2016 – RIA Novosti

Timur Bekmambetov on the set of Ben-Hur. Archival photo

© Photo: Courtesy of the press-service production company Bazelevs

MOSCOW, October 22 – RIA Novosti. The American premiere of a new historical film by Russian director Timur Bekmambetov’s “Ben-Hur” postponed to August 12, 2016, said Thursday the “Bulletin of film distributors”.

Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures taken Bekmambetov’s decision to release the picture is not the end of winter 2016, as previously planned, and in the summer – on 12 August. Changing the release date is dictated by the distributors confidence that this time is perfect for big blockbusters of this kind, the report said.

The history of Ben-Hur – the most popular in the west of the plot, which has repeatedly inspired filmmakers. A screen adaptation of William Wyler in 1959 was honored with 11 awards “Oscar” and entered the history of world cinema.

The plot of the new film Bekmambetov based on classics of American literature – the novel by Lew Wallace’s “Ben-Hur: A History of the Christ,” first published in 1880. Its action takes place in Palestine, the time of Jesus and the Roman rule. In the story, the head of the young and rich Jew Judah Ben-Hur, one after another rained misery he experiences betrayal best friend, loses everything he had, including freedom, and a narrow escape. But misadventures only temper the character of Ben-Hur, and encounter with Jesus helped him to better understand his place in life.

Earlier, Bekmambetov told RIA Novosti that the new film adaptation will be as close to Wallace novel. It raises questions of faith and vocation, revenge and forgiveness.

The main role of Judah Ben-Hur played Jack Huston (“American Hustle”) Ilderima played by Morgan Freeman (“Now You See Me,” “Oblivion”) in the role of Jesus – Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, familiar to a wide audience in the image of King Xerxes in the film “300″. Also in the film is played Tob Kebbel (Messala), Nazanin Boniadi (Esther), Sofia Black D’Elia (Tirza) Islet Tsyurer (Naomi), Moises Arias (Gestas) and Saw Asbek (Pontius Pilate).

The script “Ben-Hur” written by John Ridley – winner of the “Oscar” for adapting the script for the film “12 Years a Slave”. He also served as executive producer of the film. The list also includes the producers of the franchise created by “The Mummy” and producer Sean Daniel tapes “Son of God” and “The Bible” Mark Burnett.

Russian premiere date is unknown.


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