Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cat Vasilisa gave the authorities of the Central District – Public control

SPSU representatives handed sculpture cat Vasilisa Petersburg authorities

Cat Vasilisa kidnapped in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow found, some time was Vice-Rector of St. Petersburg State University with Sergey Bogdanov. Now art object handed over to authorities. Despite the fact that the sculpture is not an official monument and was set arbitrarily, the management of the Central district promised to soon return Vasilisa at its usual place.

To restore the cat to return to the place will not be, because it is not damaged, marked in the administration.

Recall: cat Vasilisa was stolen from the Little Park Street on September 25. Shortly after the disappearance of the unknown Rufer found sculpture in Moscow and handed alley in St. Petersburg State University.

 Author: Olga Solntseva


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