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Brad Pitt could play a major role in “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov – TV Center – The official website of TV channel

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Today in the review:
 Why Brad Pitt did not take part in the filming of Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke”; Justin Bieber played soccer in the walls of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican; daily workout at the gym can cause serious addiction.

 In “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov could withdraw Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. This was stated by Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina. Agreement on the participation of Pitt in the film adaptation of the same name story by Ivan Bunin has been achieved in 2011, but later decided to change the concept of Mikhalkov film and to participate in the film Hollywood actor had to be abandoned. According to Medina, with Brad Pitt movie was not about Bunin. He also stressed that, most likely, the picture would be easier to get a foreign car. “Sunstroke”, the main role that played Latvian actor Martins Kalita, went into wide release on October 9. Estimated Bookers film started steadily, in line with expectations. “Such a deep movie, unfortunately, a small audience,” – say the employees of the Russian theater.


 Vladimir Putin will arrive in Australia at the summit Big Twenty, which will be held in Brisbane. As the British The Guardian, his displeasure about the decision of the federal opposition leader expressed Bill Shorten. He has already said that Australia could use its status as the mistress of the summit, in order to prevent the Russian leader to take part in it. However, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, have repeatedly expressed their displeasure with the foreign policy of Russia, said that Australia has no right to decide who should be invited to the summit, and who is not.


 Singer Justin Bieber is again in the center of the scandal. This time, he was attacked by internet users and religious leaders following the publication in Instagram photos with a soccer ball on the background of the Sistine Chapel. Catholics accused teen idol that he played football in the church, built in the XV century by order of Pope Sixtus IV. Religious subscribers Bieber, as well as the locals told him to go home and is no longer displayed in the Vatican, according to Christian Today. The singer did not apologize for his actions.


 Well-known American magazine about music and pop culture Rolling Stone published an article economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman about Barack Obama. According to Krugman, who had previously responded sharply initiatives US President Obama was one of the most consistent and most successful presidents in history. The article emphasizes that the work of the president’s administration and himself should be aimed at changing the country for the better, and that Obama has dealt with this, and his achievements in this field will continue in the future.


  In a new scandal was involved Madonna. The other day, her 14-year-old son Rocco published in social network video of mass execution of children by terrorists “Islamic state”, accompanied by a rude comment. Residents of Albion immediately accused the son of Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie in violation of ethics and harming the fragile psyche of children, as the majority of subscribers star offspring – minors. Once Madonna learned about a new prank son, immediately rose to his defense, saying that he was trying to say that “our problems – that’s nothing compared to what is happening now in the world” and called on all to pray for peace, writes The Independent .


 Daily workout at the gym can be a symptom of dependence, which, according to experts, is no better than the addiction to drugs or alcohol. According to psychologists, many visitors use the gym classes at the gym as a way to cope with emotional problems. Compounding their situation and what society encourages exercise, workout considering something positive. However, the lessons to exhaustion can lead not only to the deepest depression, but also to health problems, writes the American edition of The Huffington Post. In New York, has launched training program for sports clubs to help them identify customers who may need help.


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