Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nationalists march in Kiev ended battering the walls of Parliament – BBC News

Arranged in Kiev today nationalists march to mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army ended carnage near the Verkhovna Rada. Injured 15 policemen and 11 soldiers the National Guard. Fifty people have been detained. And all because of the fact that Parliament has not complied with the radicals – not recognized Bandera fighters for Ukrainian independence and equated them with veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Beat policeman chain backhand. Waste movement, scream, shot. For a moment, can not see anything – somewhere near a smoke bomb explodes. Thugs in masks covering the face, to the attack of the Verkhovna Rada, punching holes in the police cordon. The situation is out of control.

All who are in the building are locked, the police cordoned off Parliament, Brawls occur. Rada before a crowd of several thousand people. Over their heads – yellow Blakitnogo prapory, interspersed with black-CHervonnye. Radical party “Svoboda”, teaming up with “the right sector,” again demonstrate they – together – they are the power.

They gathered in the morning on Independence – a crowd of thousands, had already conquered the Independence Square, under the mantra of their leaders, ready for new challenges.

“Bandera – our hero, Cover – our holiday!” – Shouts from the podium Chairman of “Liberty” in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tyagnibok.

A short meeting – to warm up. And then, the beat of drums – to the main purpose. All of this column under the flags of “Freedom” and “right sector”, shouting Nazi slogans, moves Hrushevskoho to the Supreme Rada deputies voted today to the way you want the crowd.

Frightened members seem ready to sign Anything, as long as this – the last before the election, the session – ended without bloodshed. The crowd on the street, armed with cobblestones from the pavement, just in case, impatiently waiting. After all, she already promised today, to celebrate the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Parliament adopts a law that equate UPA fighters – those who are side by side with the Nazis fought against the Soviet army, guerrillas, slaughtering Jews and Poles – to soldiers-liberators. The law, which will allow these “heroes of the nation” to call themselves veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For these veterans that gave their lives for their homeland – it’s like a slap.

But after the break, some of the people’s representatives to the meeting room is not got. Speaker Turchinov desperately trying to muster a quorum. But the deputies, apparently relaxed, having more in the morning to endorse the new defense minister, represented by the president. Two hundred and forty five votes – no doubt – for namesake and follower of Stepan Bandera – Stepan Poltorak. Former now, the commander of the National Guard, replacing camouflage military uniform, takes the oath. Not paying attention to what’s going on outside the window. And could – the new defense minister, as well as the former – of the police ranks. But now here these bolts struck the glass and miraculously no one was hooked in the building, headache related departments. Such trifles Minister is not exchanged.

In supporting the new defense minister praises members dispersed throughout the building. And not remembering the great accomplishments scheduled for day education UPA. Concerned about it only the leader of “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko. She promised – in the new convocation of the first thing to go back to the question of the status of the fighters of the rebel army.

However, if the return to the parliament itself “Fatherland” with untried sniper korrektirovschitsey Savchenko, the first number – one more question. As radicals “Freedom” that methane in the parliamentary window Molotov cocktails. The votes may not be enough. An act of intimidation, with shooting and fighting – a farce for “patriotic” voters.

Quorum collect failed. The last session of the Verkhovna Rada of this convocation crumpled closed. Soldiers in masks, realizing that the deputies had already left the building through the back door, began to diverge. Apparently consoled by the fact that the president signed a decree on the eve of Poroshenko – transfer the celebration of the Day of Defender of Ukraine from February 23 to October 14 – day educational rebel army.

The results of the last meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of the convocation. Broken glass, the broken asphalt. Fifteen victims of law enforcement workers. Fifty arrested nationalists. Parliamentary elections enter final straight.


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