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Philip and the other guests the premiere of “Phantom of the Opera” – Hello!

In Moscow, the updated MDM Theatre premiere of the musical “Phantom of the Opera.” First to see the staging of the famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the Gothic novel by Gaston Leroux, came many Russian celebrities: Philip, Alexander Oleshko, Vyacheslav Manucharov Maxim Averin, Anastasia Makeev, Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy and many others.

Philip Philip  Alain Khmelnytsky Alain Khmelnytsky  Lisa Arzamasova and Anastasia Makeyeva Lisa Arzamasova and Anastasia Makeyeva

” Ghost Opera “ is the story of a talented singer Christine Dae. The girl becomes obsessed with a mysterious musical genius who, hiding his ugliness goes to the mask. The action takes place in the building of the Paris Opera: it is in the dungeons of the theater and lives genius. Musicals for 28 years successfully goes to London and on Broadway. According to the organizers of the Moscow show in Russia love story should also be popular, as tickets for the premiere were sold in the past month.

I love it! I have no words. The best production of all that I have seen. Better than on Broadway, in London and Spain. The work of artists just a million! Philip shared his impressions.

 Maxim Averin Maxim Averin

Olga Budina Olga Budina

 Anastasia Makeev and Gleb Matveichuk Anastasia Makeev and Gleb Matveichuk

 Vyacheslav Manucharov with his companion Vyacheslav Manucharov with companion Alla Dovlatova with son Alla Dovlatova with son

At the Moscow premiere visited and great-granddaughter of the novel’s author, Veronique Leroux. By the way, the musical, her great-grandfather’s famed throughout the world, she saw for the first time in my life.
I am delighted with the performance and very happy that I was invited to Moscow for the event. I am sure that my daughter received a gift for the birthday musical based on the novel by her ancestor in Russia, will remember this day forever.

Veronique Leroux with his daughters Veronique Leroux with daughters

 Nonna Shrishaeva family Nonna Grisaeva family

Marianne and Maksimovskaya Vasily Borisov Marianna Maksimovskaya and Vasily Borisov

 Irina Khakamada family Irina Khakamada family

Alexander and Catherine Strizhenovy with my daughter Alexander and Catherine Strizhenovy with daughter

 Boris Grachevsky Boris Grachevsky

 Alexander Oleshko Alexander Oleshko

 The protagonists of the musical & quot; Phantom of the Opera & quot; The protagonists of the musical” Phantom of the Opera “

 musical artists & quot; Phantom of the Opera & quot; Artists musical” Phantom of the Opera “

Description: Catherine Voronchihina

Photo: Archives of press services


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