Monday, October 6, 2014

David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks – BBC

Director David Lynch, for many years, do not remove anything other than advertising, along with his co-author Mark Frost will remove the new season of “Twin Peaks” for the channel Showtime.

On Monday, David Lynch has once again led to concern fans of the series “Twin Peaks”, published tweeted citing a picture message: “Chewing gum that you like, come back into fashion.” The second creator of the cult TV movie Mark Frost also marked the tweet with the hashtag «#damngoodcoffee». Earlier Lynch Film Festival in Tuscany vaguely said that would not mind to go back to your favorite heroes. The combination of these news, of course, spodvigla fans at wildest imagination – especially as Laura Palmer promised Agent Cooper meeting in 25 years, which expired in 2014 just all these omens looked another joke film classic, has repeatedly mocked the fans of the series, but later it became known that the continuation of “Twin Peaks” to be. Lynch and Frost to start shooting next year, and the premiere of a new 8-episode season will take place in 2016 on the channel Showtime.

In the meantime, inspired news, “Times” says series, which also would not prevent continued.


What was it. series, almost immediately called “Twin Peaks” zero, when in fact the former rather komiksovoy hassled infinite mystical thriller. The authors did not focus on the overall surreal, and to experiment with ways the story of the survivors of the plane Oceanic 815. However, issues such as in the case of David Lynch’s masterpiece, it remains more than was given to the responses.

Reasons for comeback. Despite the fact that the creators of the picture in the final was given to understand that all that happened in six seasons – the last dying vision of Dr. Jack Shephard, fans of “Lost” is still hope for Return to Mysterious Island. While hopes for this little – J. J.. Abrams too keen film career change and a big screen to the small he obviously has no time nor the inclination. But who knows, maybe in ten years the situation will change. In the end, art history knows not one case of the resurrection of the dead, but of your favorite heroes – just remember Ostap Bender, or, for example, the Divisional Commander Kotov.


What was . The main anti-hero serial boom, an expert on blood Miami police, which put the thirst to kill in the service of justice. With each season, the character became bigger and his story would continue, it seems endless. However, the authors decided to stop bondage performer starring Michael C. Hall, cutting off his story perhaps the most tragic and illogical way.

Reasons for comeback. Dexter Morgan lost everything, but was still alive, though left sunny Miami to some wilderness and grew ragged beard. It is clear that leaving the hero at the crossroads, the authors left himself a loophole for the possible continuation. The question here is largely in how the rest of the way to the cinema hall.

TASS is authorized to declare

What was it. super popular Soviet TV series, classic Russian ” Detective pro scouts, “written, as well as many other hit television movies of those years, Yulian Semyonov. The plot of the Russian counterintelligence officers Slavin and Konstantinov, preventing the operation of the CIA in the fictional African surges, based on real events – the disclosure of an American agent Alexander Ogorodnik.

Reasons for comeback. Of course, in the old part of the return will not happen – no Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Yuri Solomin completely gone in leadership Maly Theatre. However, Juliana Semenova is another novel about a KGB colonel Slavin – “Intercontinental node”, which tells about his struggle with one of the companions of a GRU officer and a British intelligence officer Oleg Penkovsky.

Miami. Department of manners

What was it. The main American TV series of the 1980s, another (like “Twin Peaks”) in case of the brilliant director on television – was a film producer Michael Mann, returned to his characters in 2006. Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, played by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, instantly become a fashion icon, which aspired to be like all the mods United States.

Reasons for comeback. Despite the fact that series formally ended with dismissal from the police heroes, they are waiting for the return of no less than the new adventures of Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. Don Johnson to the same after the “Miami Vice” so merged with his hero, when already in the 1990s started the series “Nash Bridges”, the main character, many considered the incarnation of Sonny Crockett, the more so in the film was played by Philip Michael Thomas . In general, while both actors alive, alive and hope for their return.

Santa Barbara

What was it. Russian folk show 1990, the source many jokes and is still popular ringtone, as well as the record for staying on the air, and not shown to the end. Family Saga Family Capwell has not been shown to the end. On the other hand, climaxes and finales (as well as changes of the lead actors) were so many that no one seems to have not noticed understatement.

Reasons for comeback. Home – format endless “human comedy.” In principle, the continuation could co-produce and Russian filmmakers, the more so that the actors of “Santa Barbara” repeatedly came to us with a friendly visits and played CC Capwell Jed Allan and all leads to our friendship with Alexander Nevsky.


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