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Monument to Marshal Zhukov will remain on Manezh Square – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Experts categorically rejected the idea of ​​moving it to Kaluga

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The Commission on monumental art at the Moscow City Duma considered a proposal to move the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square in Kaluga. Criticizing the idea to the nines, the experts decided to leave everything as it is. In addition, members of the committee supported the proposal of the head of the Union of Journalists of Moscow, the chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev to erect a monument to journalists killed in the editorial tasks.

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Photo: Alex Moshchenko

Perhaps Zhukov monument can be placed on the second place after Dzerzhinsky in the list of monuments that are the most frequently move. However, if such ideas usually throw up mentally unstable citizens, this time it was serious. With the postponement of an equestrian statue of the heart of Moscow to Kaluga, where he was born Zhukov, addressed the State Duma deputy chairman of the Russian Union of Veterans M.Moiseev. His letter was signed by the entire group of veterans, including generals and marshals.

Since then, as this initiative became known to the general public, the Moscow City Duma threw letters outraged citizens, who called the idea of ​​vandalism. However, the authors believe offer reasonable: in place of the empty pedestal they want to install a new equestrian statue, which, in their opinion, would be “more harmoniously with the historical ensemble Manezh Square».

to finance this castling ready Committee in memory of Marshal Zhukov . Moreover, as the representative of the Moscow Department of Culture Sergey Polovinkin, authors of the idea on the phone assured him that can arrange the transfer in one night without attracting public attention.

Arguments “against” found a whole lot. As the head of the commission Leo Lavrenov, no one saw not only a photo of the monument, but even the authors of this idea – at the commission meeting, they were not. In addition, the currently existing monument is by the decree of Boris Yeltsin and is federal property. The land on which it stands, is not only in the buffer zone of the Kremlin, but is under the protection of UNESCO.

It should be added that no one has discussed the idea with any relatives Zhukova, nor the authors of the monument itself, which is infringement of copyright. Incidentally, one of the authors of the horse sculpture – the national architect Yuri Grigoriev – attended the meeting of the committee.

– I think that the vandalism that occurs to the monuments in Ukraine should not sink to our country, to the capital – said Grigoriev. – Work with the sculptor Klykov was not easy. Remember Yeltsin asked him, “Where did you get such a horse?” And he said, “From the pictures.” Actually, we had planned to install the monument on Poklonnaya Hill, but when all was ready, the team arrived on Manezh Square. When we put it, it turned out that the hand points to Zhukov restaurant “Moscow”. I talked Klykova deploy figure, and Zhukov became indicate Tver.

– To us, the deputies asked other veterans with the requirement to keep this monument – said deputy MHD Yevgeny Gerasimov. – The monument – an integral part of the city, even if someone does not like the way the horse stands.

And yet, not all members of the committee were unanimous. Colonel Claus from the General Staff Academy, for example, the offense – he said that personally acquainted with General Moses, and would not draw an analogy between his idea and vandalism in the Ukraine. But the voice Morozova “against” was the only one.

But the President’s proposal Moscow Union of Journalists, the chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev to erect a monument to fallen journalists members of the committee unanimously supported. As told Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Moscow Viktor Cheremuhin, in 2007-2008, the Government of Moscow has already approved a similar proposal, but the monument is still no. Meanwhile, since 1991, while on duty, killing more than 70 employees of the Moscow Media and more than 300 Russian. Only in the last six months in Ukraine killed 4 journalists.

The idea was supported by the monument, but the place is not yet determined. Initially offered a place on Gogol Boulevard, near the House of Journalists. But the Moscow government recently banned erect monuments on the boulevards.

In addition, the Commission supported the proposal of the Russian military-historical society about installing on the Sparrow Hills monument to Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles the Great, as well as the memorial sign in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Supported by experts and the idea to erect a monument to the composer Dmitri Shostakovich on the territory of the House of Music.


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