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The search for the philosopher’s stone and eternal life to the good will not finish – Proceedings

The search for the philosopher's stone and eternal life to the good will not finish

Stills from “Paris: City of the Dead.” Photo:

In rolling out the “Paris. City of the Dead “by John Erick Dowdle, scary story about an expedition to the famous catacombs, which turned extreme, but quite frightening success – a small group of young people looking for the philosopher’s stone, and found the road to hell.

At the head of archaeologists and enthusiasts Scarlett Marlow (star of TV series “The Tudors” Perdita Weeks) – Indiana Jones and the skirt. Specialist in the history, ancient languages, chemistry and other sciences – everything in the world that can help in unraveling the secrets of alchemy. Link to medieval legends girl was passed on from his father, who died under mysterious circumstances. However, a skeleton in the closet would be in each of the treasure hunters and must manifest itself as you go deeper into the darkness. And the lower branching corridors, the higher the demand for their sins.

Now should specify that, unlike many horror films of recent years, “Paris. City of the Dead “is likely still scary than funny. In the spirit of recent trends, the film is made in the genre of “found records» Scarlett journey into the depths of Paris allegedly filmed a documentary cinematographer and camera fixed on the forehead of all participants.

Stills from “Paris: City of the Dead”.

seemed sensational success of the film “Paranormal Activity”, as if assembled from recordings of surveillance cameras, revived very faded horror genre, but, in fact, did not bring the quality of innovations and launched a wave of unofficial remakes of horror classics of yesteryear. Almost all the films made in the wake of “Phenomena», – it with varying degrees of talent peresnyatye using new technology the old stories. For example, “The Exorcist” has turned into “The Last Exorcism” and “Obsession”, “Godzilla» in “Cloverfield”, a famous trilogy of George Romero in Spanish “Report”, etc. The list goes on.

«Paris. City of the Dead “has a number of precursors in particular, is rather weak and the traditional film” Catacombs “in 2006 with Pink and Shannyn Sossamon, where the action takes place also in the catacombs of Paris. Unlike other films of the new wave of horror in many respects it more successful predecessors, because the most of the opportunities of new technology and the chosen location.

Paris Catacombs is truly one of the worst in the history of the necropolis. In dug in the Middle Ages for the extraction of limestone labyrinths in the late XVIII century became perezahoranivat remains crowded with Parisian cemeteries. Total, according to guide books, it houses about 6 million people (more than the population of modern Paris). Bones neatly sorted by size along the walls. To visit the open just 2 km fenced and well-honored tunnels. In fact – is a multi-level labyrinth and extending under the modern metropolis for many tens of kilometers.

Stills from “Paris: City of the Dead”.

The most tedious movie Dowdle – the first minutes 15, when the heroes grind out in the tradition of “The Da Vinci Code” clue puzzles, pointing the way to the philosopher’s stone. Mysterious tablets in caves Iran epitaph Nicolas Flamel, semi-legendary alchemist, allegedly finder discovered the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life, as well as legends subculture “katafilov” lovers wander through dungeons, – all mingled in a heap. But then the audience is waiting for about an hour really scary walks in the twilight of authentic sinister dungeons (Paris authorities have allowed the creators to shoot in the real, closed areas of the catacombs).

At the same time “Paris. City of the Dead “is not devoid of the main problems of the modern horror absolute unwillingness to seek and to formulate key fears time. The best horror movies – a visual literalization fears of a particular moment, in connection with this horror genre is extremely perishable. What we show today heirs Romero, Cronenberg and Friedkin, a parasite on the control the inheritance. However, no new technology can not revive something that is no longer living.

Stills from “Paris: City of the Dead”.


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