Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the capital, will be held the second “Night Music” – New News

October 4 from noon until late at night on the 250 sites of the capital will be heard live music. Performances will be held in the framework of “Night Music” -2014. It will be attended by well-known metropolitan areas – House of Music, Moscow Conservatory and Philharmonic and concert halls in remote areas of Moscow, which on this night have all chances to become the centers of gravity of the capital music lovers. As in “Night Music “-2013, along with the young artists give free concerts and recognized musical performers. Places concerts – in music schools, houses of culture, libraries and other remote from the city center halls. 150 arts schools, 30 houses of culture, more than 30 libraries, as well as theaters, exhibition halls and museums will host well-known musicians of the capital and those whose musical career is just beginning.

In the afternoon, evening and at night you can enjoy the extraordinary lectures, experimental music and strict classical. Of daytime activities worth visiting lecture music critic Denis Boyarinova in Music school named after Schubert. Editor cultural portal tell about the phenomenon of popular music, “Music for All” (or, as they call it disparagingly, the “pop”). What is popular music? Where and when did it come about? What to do with her appearance is the infamous Emperor Nero and why the Roman tyrant can be called a distant ancestor of the modern Canadian teen star Justin Bieber?

In the Central Museum of Musical Culture will be held in the afternoon excursion for lovers of classical music “Nakhodka, about the life of “devoted to the composer Eugene Gunst. The legacy of a musician was almost forgotten in recent decades, but four years ago in Basel, Switzerland, under mysterious circumstances, was found archive Gunst …

In the evening at the Meyerhold Center celebrated director Basil velvet, the author of performances at the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi Theatre, will discuss the creation of his project “Operations group” and “Laboratory of contemporary opera”, whose mission – to promote contemporary Russian opera.

In DC “Kommunarka” will perform jazz combo Cigar Hall – a new concept in the domestic stage. At the core of the band playing – jazz and blues, mixed with funk and drayvovym sensual soul music, traditional and modern swing grooves. Cigar Hall play popular hits in the copyright arrangements, which are often far removed from the original and thereby acquire a new and interesting sound.

At night the fun begins: at the Moscow House of Music concert “Slow Night Music” will feature famous pianists Anton Batagov and Pauline Ossetia. The program – Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach, Schubert, Respighi, Ravel, Shostakovich, Silvestrov, Desjatnikov, Glass himself Batagov. “This program – no counterpoint, and dialogue – explains the idea of ​​Mr. Batagov. – We’ll take turns, one after another, the music is not for two, and one piano. Only slow things. But why hurry, especially at night? We have something to talk about and with each other and with you ».

A Museum in Moscow with his new project” Sugar “act always dreamed of becoming a musician director Ivan Rhythm. In the “Sahara” has it all: an exceptional cast, texts Vyrypaeva, covers in electronic and instrumental arrangement Casimir Liske.

A detailed schedule of events is available online at the “Night Music” -2014.


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