Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bezrukov demands from Aram Gabrielyanova 10 million – Utro.Ru

Savelovsky Court of Moscow taken in the production of four action on the protection of honor, dignity and compensation for moral damages in the amount of 10 million rubles. to a number of publications Holding News Media, which is headed by Aram Gabrelyanov , the famous Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov and his wife Irina, RIA ” News. ”

Couple Bezrukov not like that in the “Express-Gazeta” published an article “Why Bezrukov silent about children” in the publication “Your Day” – “Sergei Bezrukov and his wife went on vacation, ignoring the scandal illegitimate children, “and the newspaper” Life “-” Bezrukov six years hid illegitimate children “.

Bezrukov asks the court to recover from the newspapers,” Your Day “and” Life “of 3 million rubles . for non-pecuniary damage, to “Express newspaper” – 2 million rubles. The same amount with the “Express newspaper,” is seeking to recover the wife of the actor.

The petition Bezrukov claim that the defendants did not receive permission to use the image of the actor.

Previously, the official website of Bezrukov published his address to reporters, which reported:” At the beginning of September 2014 a number of media have grossly violated the applicable laws and disseminated materials in the privacy of Sergei and Irina Bezrukov, not only obtained the their consent, but also being aware of the fact that Sergei and Irina strongly opposed to interference in their private life. ” Also in the appeal, “Sergei and Irina Bezrukov will continue to defend their rights and interests by providing the appropriate actions and other means provided for by law”.

To consider action against publications Aram Gabrelyanov court begin in October.

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