Monday, September 22, 2014

New hero, “Good night, kids!” Became tiger Moore – Versii.som

New hero of “Good night, kids!” Became the Amur tiger. This was stated by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the television “CLASS!” Alexander Mitroshenkov, RIA Novosti reported.

«There was a lot of different ideas, including the wolf, monkey and giraffe, maybe horse” – he said.

According to Mitroshenkova, the full name of the new hero of the Amur, in abbreviated form – Moore. “It is modern, appears in the 3D-graphics. In the program it will be very beautiful 3D model “, – said the representative of the television.

« We started working on finding a new puppet character for a long time, tried a lot of options, but, to be honest, the idea of ​​a new character was inspired by our president. At first she seemed a bit sudden, but when we shopped carefully, realized that it hit the top ten! The new hero appears at the end of October in the air transfer “- said Mitroshenkov.

Telecast” Good night, kids! “First aired 50 years ago. Scenario began to write in 1963. At the same time began to appear sketches of scenery and puppets of the main characters, developed the concept. Live program was September 1, 1964.


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