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A ticket to the Bolshoi Theatre can now be printed – Russian Newspaper

Buy a ticket to the Bolshoi Theater on the internet can be as before, but with the obligatory exchange of the printer “coupon” on this ticket at the theater. In the new 239th season of the audience the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a performance at the Bolshoi Theater in the comfort of home. A new ticketing system and other innovations that are relevant to the public before the season said General Director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin and his deputy Oleg Miskovets.

As it turned out, in general terms, the system of ticket sales to the Bolshoi Theater has not changed – remain firm deadlines and opening pre-sale tickets for the performances, and the quantitative limit of tickets sold in one hand, and price category tickets. However, in almost every position there have been changes that have to do a little more comfortable visit to the Bolshoi Theater of the ordinary spectator.

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First, define more convenient for those who work , the first day of pre-sale tickets – on Saturdays mode from 10.00 to 17.30. With sales figures for specific titles can be found on the official website of the theater in category A visit to the theater. Names performances will appear here for 3-4 months before the view. The quoted performance for a particular Saturday tickets will be sold at the box office of the Bolshoi Theater in a queue. Established by regulation – 2 tickets in hand on each name upon presentation of passport. Large families have the right to buy tickets for all family members. Beneficiaries – Discount: 50% of the cost. Wheelchair users will be able to visit the theater for $ 100.

At the same price of $ 100 will be able to watch opera and ballet at the Bolshoi students, for which ticket sales will begin before each performance with 16 hours of the day. The rest of the public wishing to come to the Bolshoi Theater with family or with friends, it is better to use an electronic system. Starting from 17.30 in the same Saturday when opened ticket sales for a particular show, you can purchase the required number of tickets online, print them on your printer, and this piece of A4 to come to the theater. Places ushers are now equipped with a special “reading” equipment. It is also understood that the buyer in this case would be “tied to the ticket”: information on a piece reflects his personal data. The Bolshoi believe that such a measure would at least partially control the situation with ticket mafia. However, to understand why the ticket cost of $ 100 is worth the price of 4000, and the audience instead of the orchestra is on the line in the stand-up, theater offers by customers who buy tickets with it. But the information on the ticket will help them in the event of recourse to law enforcement authorities.

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Another innovation for the public will be in this season of” modernization “uncomfortable lodges and tiers in the auditorium. It is known that all the ancient theaters of the world are tiered of uncomfortable, “blind” spots. But at the Bolshoi they turned 247! In agreement with the Ministry of Culture these places dismantled and refitted. Now in the upper tiers abolished side rows and instead equipped with stand-up with a handrail – three rows: 2a, 3a and 4a (this is the place for $ 100 for students). Alas, but standing with these places almost nothing can be seen, especially with a number 4a. But all the same “honest” to the public, in the words of Oleg Miskovets hall of the Bolshoi Theater was: in the side boxes of the 2nd and 3rd layer removed the rear ranks, set up chairs on high legs. In general, the seating was less than 159.

Meanwhile, during the collection of the Bolshoi Theater at the opening of the season showed up and new appointments: Head appeared in the department of strategic planning and special projects. Instead dropout year nazadMihaila Fikhtengolts the position occupied now Chernomurova Irina, wife and colleague, General Director Vladimir Urine, playwright, 17 years headed the Department of International and Public Relations of the Moscow Academic Music Theatre named after KS Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Irina Chernomurova will determine at the Bolshoi repertoire strategy and in the opera, and ballet. In addition, since 2000, has ruled creative teams Bolshoi Theatre cum. Art. USSR Makvala Kasrashvili left his post. It will now become an advisor Tugan Sokhiev as the new music director is planning to decide the basic problems of collective creativity.

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The average price of tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre in the 239th season: Historical Scene: Opera – 2157 rubles, ballet – 4702 rubles; New Stage: Opera – 1330 rubles, ballet – 1847 rubles.


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