Wednesday, September 24, 2014

“Time Machine” launched – Novaya Gazeta in St. Petersburg

Andrei Makarevich Concert canceled in St. Petersburg. Organizers made the decision in one day, September 22, during which named several different reasons for the cancellation, but none of them have not been able to confirm.

 In recent weeks, the legendary creator of the “Time Machine” refused to concert venues in several cities of Russia: Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kazan. Were given the heave-ho with virtually no explanation, as they are all either false or inconclusive.

 Leader of “The Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich and popular jazz guitarist Ildar Kazahanov planned to perform on the stage of the St. Petersburg club Jagger September 28.

 They were going to play things with instrumental CD “Andrew and Ildar in the” Machine “, which acts as a master Makarevich jazz guitar. The idea belonged to Kazahanovu, he also made new arrangements for the songs “Time Machine”. However, viewers of the northern capital to hear jazz improvisation performed by musicians, as previously their fans in other cities, can not be no next weekend or in the distant future.

 “New” reported by the club Jagger:

 - Concert not transferred and canceled. Finally. No new date for the concert is not discussed. Tickets can be returned to the cashier prior to September 28.

 That Makarevich and Kazahanov not play in St. Petersburg, became known less than a week before the concert. The decision apparently taken so quickly that at first, on Monday morning, in Jagger never could explain why not take a scheduled event, which sold tickets.

 After a few hours in the club began to answer: “Cancel the concert due to the fact that one of the musicians could not come due to illness.” The organizers could not even clarify who exactly battled illness – or Kazahanova Makarevich.

 The musicians denied information about his illness. Perhaps that is why in the morning on September 23 was born the third version of what happened, already standard “Concert canceled due to technical reasons».

 Decipher what technical reasons prevented speak it on 28 September and only Makarevich with Kazahanovym (because the other announced concerts in Jagger this week will be held), representatives of the club flatly refused.

 Musicians, they say, the organizers also did not report. And Ildar Kazahanov and Andrei Makarevich, and other members of the band “The Time Machine” to abolish their concert learned from the media.

 - Club of me that is not known, no reason for this, I do not know – evening of September 22 said the “New” Kazahanov.

 - The concert is scheduled. On some changes in the plans I no reported – said the press secretary of the “Time Machine” Anton Chernin. – What kind of “technical reasons” prevented the club to hold a concert, I have no idea.

 Other reasons, not technical, already voiced. After the speech, Andrei Makarevich in Ukrainian Sviatogorsk to the children of refugees from the Donbass his concerts suddenly began to fall apart, and some politicians and the media began what the musician called “baiting».

  More August 25 leader of the “Time Machine” sent an open letter to Vladimir Putin, in which he asked the president to protect him from this persecution: “… not a constant stream of mud and slander, pouring on me from the pages of newspapers and the TV screen. I am called a “friend of the junta”, “Nazi collaborators”, “traitor”, and so on. D. Meanwhile, the only “crime” that I’ve done, is that the city Sviatogorsk in the refugee camp of Donetsk and Lugansk I to a charity sang three songs for the children of these refugees. In this connection, no fault with it not feel it. Everything else that we talk in the media about my trip – shameless lie. Group “Time Machine” there forty-five years. Over the years it has gained millions of fans in Russia and the world. And it does what we can not fault – it’s dislike for the motherland. Mr. President, I urge you to stop this coven, discrediting my name, “- wrote Makarevich. Putin musician has not responded yet.


  Oleg Basilashvili: “You can not divide people into two parts»

 Back in August, in defense of the disgraced Andrei Makarevich was made Oleg Basilashvili. He wondered why people express their point of view, called the “fifth column” and why can not respect those who have the courage to say “in public, and not in the kitchen for half a liter.” “If baiting Makarevich far will, make sure you will need to organize a campaign in his defense, to show that not only does it have a point of view …” – then said People’s Artist.

 After Makarevich on suddenly emerged “technical reasons” have broken concerts in six Russian cities, including St. Petersburg, the “New” said Oleg Valeriano-: is not it time to stand up for a musician?

 - I honestly do not know how. I think I did everything I could. I repeatedly wrote and spoke about the situation. Questioned and criticized accusations Makarevich.

 You can not divide people into two parts. Can not be assigned to one of the fifth column, and the other – not to the column. This is wrong. It only leads the collapse of the state and a brutal war, which was the Civil War. All people love their country. And everyone does what he feels it necessary to his homeland was loved by others too.

 Pushkin was a patriot, though hated Russia of his time. However, it is said that it is for him – the sacred, love and never in his life he did not sell. Lermontov wrote: “Farewell, unwashed Russia, a country of slaves, land lords, and you, blue uniforms, and you, their devoted people …” And at the same time was a patriot.

 I do not know: the top is the initiative to cancel the show or is it just a slave mentality of those who cancel their field. As if something happens. How would we have with him or accused of anything. It’s easier to ban. About this cowardice, too, need to write. People need to express their own opinion. Own. And do not shake a lifetime of fear: what if something happened.

 I would like to was written declaration, not only in defense of Makarevich – baiting can touch anyone. And that it was signed by representatives of the various parties, “Apple”, members of the former Union of Right Forces, the same communists, “Fair Russia” and even the “United Russia”. Those who understand that you can not divide people into two parts. Culture – only the beginning of adhesive, rather than separate nations. The same brace, which the president said. So for what it destroy? Especially distorting the facts.


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