Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In Krasnodar canceled concert Diana Arbenina – To

In Krasnodar, without explanation canceled concert Diana Arbenina.

Recall performances of Diana Arbenina in Russian cities are canceled without explanation after the concert of “Night Snipers” on July 3 in Kiev and claims the singer in support of Ukraine.

Concert Diana Arbenina was to be held on September 29 in the hall of DC HD, but then the show was moved to a smaller club Arena Hall.

September 23 concert agency “Province” stated that that Krasnodar stage tour Arbenina canceled.
“Causes of failure of the concert organizers are not explained. Tickets can be returned to their places of sale”, – noted in the SC “Province”. site also provides an opportunity to exchange tickets for one of the following concerts: “Bi-2″, Olga Kormuhina, “Ural Dumplings”, “Picnic”, “Alice”, “The Mill”, “Surganova and Orchestra.” Exchange takes place in the central office for tickets to the equivalent nominal value.

Earlier intention to disrupt the tour Diana Arbenina Krasnodar said co-chair of the Youth Public Movement “Slavic shield Kuban” and one of the founders of the public association “Sober Kuban” Alexei Gayvoronskiy.
“Arbenina publicly supported iudohohlyatskih punitive. Organize a” good “meeting Russophobian trash”, – he wrote on his page “VKontakte”.

Before that A. Gayvoronskiy actively opposed the holding in the Krasnodar Territory rock festival KUBANA, accusing event in promoting alcoholism and drug addiction.

As reported currently Interregional Public Organization “Orthodox Union” also calls for ban in Krasnodar concert Cannibal Corpse and asks the police to cancel the Russian tour of this group.


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