Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prohibition of foreign film in Russia will lead to the closure of cinemas – Information Portal 2×

Because of these restrictions, which can be regarded as a response to the sanctions will have no place to show and domestic belt

Enter the ban on American demonstration in Russia movies offered by the Russian director Yuri Kara . The proposal he made at the expert meeting concerning the project «Fundamentals of state cultural policy» . However, this idea is not supported by any minister of culture, or the Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow.

So, a ban on demonstrations in the Russian film industry Hollywood products caused bewilderment and Russian film distributors. They refused to talk about it, saying that “can not comment on such things,” ITAR-TASS reported.

As the producer Sergey Selyanov, ideas, partly to reduce the number of broadcast in Russia American movies are constantly up in the air, but domestic producers and distributors oppose such bans.

«If this idea is implemented, cinemas closed immediately, it is one hundred percent. And then just have a place to show the Russian film “- quoted by news agency producer Sergey Selyanov.

According to RIA” Novosti ” Yuri Kara, who proposed the ban, said it that in Russia has a large number of manufacturers of film product – “Soyuzmultfilm”, “thumbnail” and “thumbnail”. In the case of restrictions show American paintings Russian studio “will run for directors themselves».

This is true


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