Friday, September 19, 2014

Ask a question led the Department of Culture of Moscow, Sergei kapok – Russian Newspaper

Sergei Kapkov, head of the Department of Culture of Moscow led a surprising statistics at parliamentary hearings in the State Duma: “In Moscow, 700 municipal libraries, and in any of them over the past year has not entered a single person “.

This raises the question: is it necessary to libraries, with the Internet and e-books? According Kapkova, they just got rid themselves: “Yes, and all the store can now be bought – in only one House of Books on Novy Arbat on the shelves every day there are 210 thousand books.” Maybe it’s better to spend the money on something else, the more pressing for the people? Later Kapkov specified in “Facebook”, that still did not mean all the libraries, but only those that are located near the House of books in the Arbat area. And yet …

Would readers “RG” with a rational approach to the libraries of the state official? What else would ask the head of the Moscow Department of Culture, which will be a guest today “Business Breakfast” in our newspaper?

your questions Sergei Alexandrovich Kapkova readers can ask on Friday, 19 September, from 10.00 to 13.30 Moscow time on the phone: 8-800-200-09-09 (toll-free from all regions of Russia) and now by e-mail:, as well as fax 8-499-257-58-92 .


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