Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Luc Besson: “Talent does not need a passport, and art – a visa” – Arguments and Facts


10 years Besson was preparing for this work – met with scientists analyzed the works of the brain. “You know that in the brain 86 billion neurons ?! – Now he exclaims. – What every cell in every second sends a thousand other signals? Is this system can match the Internet ?! “That’s about it” Lucy “- what happens to a man when his brain starts to work on the” fullest »…


Habits – fight!


Olga Shablinsky, “AIF»: Mr. Besson, after your movie question arises: why do people think about your gut, muscle, and so on. N . much more than about his brain?


Luc Besson : (Laughs.) It’s always amused me. When you’re young, you’re living on a “why not try it yet, and it?”. But what happens after 20 years? (Directed by whistling sharply lowers his hand.) Human curiosity begins to rapidly decrease. We are increasingly guided by fears and habits. People begin to live according to a certain scheme rather boring! The same newspaper every day, the same channel, the same color of clothing … And every year your world shrinks to a few habits and a pair of friends. It’s incredibly strange to me! Everything should be completely different. Growing up – it’s growth. The idea is that every year we have to do more new things in this life!


Scarlett Johansson in the movie “Lucy.” In 2014.

– And how not to live life in the same “color»?


– (He sighs.) Well, you know, any doctor will tell you: “Do 30 minutes of exercise every day. It’s good for your body. ” But we do not do that, right? Or doctors say smoking and alcohol harm your health. Is this many stops? I, by the way, in my entire life not smoked a cigarette and do not drink alcohol.


With the brain – the same story as with the charge in the morning. Doctors advise us to teach poetry, foreign words, play mind games … But who is doing it ?! So my advice would be very, very simple. Break your habits! Personally, I hate the habit and always breaks them. If you get too comfortable – so you do not evolve.


This is a simple way to improve the performance of our brain to expand perception and to let in more air life.


– In the “Lucy” play artists from many different countries. Whether there is such a selection acting team some social commentary?


– Of course! Relationships are not built because by politicians, not by governments, and through culture, and love. I am convinced that talent is everywhere. Talent does not need a passport, and the art does not need a visa.


A huge number of Russian people love (Besson suddenly switches from English to French native and beautifully grassiruet) français litterature. And millions of French read Russian literature. That’s why we know each other. And what would our government do, still people of our countries are very closely related to each other. Love and art in this great assistants. That’s my responsibility: to be the link between people.


Scarlett Johansson in the movie “Lucy.” In 2014.

Grace predator


– «Nikita”, “The Fifth Element”, “Leon” … women in your paintings are strong, bright, unusual. And in the “Lucy” heroine Scarlett Johansson gets hit. And what is the ideal woman by Luc Besson?


– As a man, I like some women, as an artist – others. (Laughs). Speaking seriously, I do not think that the ideal exists. If you are looking for it – will remain one. Each of us has flaws. And everyone has a great quality. I think everything depends on you – to notice the good in people or bad. So I decided to see a woman only good. (He smiles.)


Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson in the movie “Lucy.” In 2014.

– I was surprised to learn that you actresses are shooting only with hair of medium length, saying that long hair blocking the shoulders, neck and actress can not play the body. What other external qualities are important to you?


– Tummy. I love wildlife. And his actresses always show video – like moving tigress Panther before the attack. It’s very beautiful, when emotion is transmitted all over the actress. And the main villain in my films is always moving that way – as a big tiger. (He laughs.)


You know, my parents were diving instructor, and I spent a childhood on the seas in different countries. I’m also going to become a diver, but because of an injury was forced to change plans. We were poor, and it’s incredibly helped develop my thinking. I picked up a stone and imagine what it is a planet out there that have a life … Many of his childhood fantasies then I had made the films.


I like that in nature everything is going in a circle – spring, summer, autumn, winter. But people are trying to get out of this system. At one point, they say, “Oh, we control nature.” This is the sad delusion of mankind … Nature controls everything. We have to accept it and be smart swivel casters in this huge wheel.



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