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The new hero “Good night, kids!” go into space – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, Sept. 22 – RIA Novosti. The Amur tiger with a violent temper, but very curious and “pretty wild”, has become the new hero of the children’s program “Good night, kids!” At the end of the month a small figure of the sixth character telecast for the first time will go on an exciting journey into space to tell the creators of the program.

Earlier, in an interview with RIA Novosti Chairman of the Board of Directors of “CLASS”, which produces the program, Alexander Mitroshenkov told that the creators of the program prepared for its 50th anniversary surprise – at the end of October, the air will be a new character, which, unlike the other characters will be made in the technique of 3D-animation.

“Please love and favor of the living prototype of our hero,” – said Mitroshenkov presenting small live tiger at a press conference. “The full name of the Amur, and in abbreviated form – Moore,” – he added.

Named to the Red Book of the Amur tiger, reminded participants of the presentation, one of the rare representatives of the world fauna. Concern about this beast by the Centre “Amur Tiger” created by the Russian Geographical Society.

The creators of the program, told Mitroshenkov, thought long and hard on a new hero; had a lot of different ideas, among whom there were also a wolf cub and a monkey, and a giraffe, and a horse, but in the end the choice fell on the cub.

Wild but friendly

According to leading program Oxana Fedorova, the nature of the new hero who will complement the close-knit family, “Good night, kids!” stubborn and short-tempered. “But he’s always with us to make friends,” – she added.

In turn himself 3D-characters from the TV screen told reporters that he is cheerful, curious, sociable, not always obedient, but “pretty wild” .

New character named Moore voiced by actor-puppeteer Yuri Sakirkin.

Another presenter Dmitry Malikov said that the program “Good night, kids!” there is a “great conservative, is tradition.” “Because our lives are washed away … A tradition in this program have parents and tradition from one generation to the tradition to their children vaccinated,” – said Malik. According to him, a new character – a tiger cub can make a fresh 3D-jet.

Flying in space

For the first time in the history of the program a new hero will go into space, told participants of the presentation.

“Tiger Cub will be a very difficult journey, fascinating, informative for children. Tiger be able to see all the environmental problems of our country immediately. Actually, this tiger, which is in front of you (a small soft toy tiger), at the end of the month will go along with our astronauts to the ISS. Well, then, what adventures they will wait, we already know from the “Good night, kids!” – said the deputy head of the Presidential Control Directorate of the Russian Federation, a member of the Supervisory Board of ANO “Center” Siberian Tiger “Anatoly Kiriyenko.

Mitroshenkov in turn added that the space character, “Good night, kids!” will fly for the first time. “Hopefully, this little toy will be a great character in space,” – he stressed.

The Tiger will also talk about the animals, “which need to be saved,” added the producer.

New character, young viewers will be able to see on the air in October. The “Good night kids!”, Despite the fact that it is some time left on the channel “Culture”, will once again come out on the TV channel “Russia-1″, told Mitroshenkov.

In addition, he said, now changing program site, it becomes more interactive, so young viewers will be able to get acquainted with the characters and social networks.

The cycle of animals

The creators also reminded about another gift to the anniversary of the program – this is a new series of educational films about animals: their forms, habits, habitat. The new cycle will be called “From the elephant to the ant with Piggy and …”. The project is designed for children from 5 years and older; it starts on the channel “Carousel” in October. Cycle will consist of 50 films. Leading the project – Marina Yakovleva.

In the “piggy bank” program has a lot of training cycles, including “Russian language along with Piggy and …”, “English with Piggy and …”, “Learning to count with Piggy and … “, and even” Art History with Piggy and … “.

The idea of ​​creating a” Good night, kids! ” originated in the end of 1963. At the same time were written the first scenario, made sketches of the scenery and the first dolls of the main characters. Live telecast came on the day of knowledge – September 1, 1964. Leading the program at different times were Vladimir Ukhin, Valentine Leontiev, Angelina Vovk, Tatyana Vedeneyeva, Oxana Fedorova. Puppet characters were changed from year to year. At the moment it is – Piggy, Stepashka, Phil, and Karkusha Mishutka. Transmission has been awarded three national telepremii Taffy.


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