Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ministry of Culture did not support a ban on the display of a Hollywood movie –

Press Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture : «Ministry of Culture believes that the level of culture sanctions do not work, so there is no sense that any ban. Sanctions ?? it is generally a relic of the past. Measures to support the Russian cinema may be needed, but this issue also needs to be approached very carefully, taking into account the views of the entire film community, experts in the field ».

Earlier in the meeting of the Expert Council of the Russian Popular Front director Yuri Kara made a proposal to ban American films showing in cinemas in Russia, while not anti-Russian sanctions lifted. According to the director, it should benefit the development of the national cinema, ITAR-TASS reported.

The Chairman of the Committee on Culture, co-chairman of the Popular Front Stanislav Govorukhin suggested less stringent measures. In his view, it is sufficient to limit the display of American films in cinemas in Russia. He proposed an increase in the share of the box office for European, Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Iranian kino.Napomnim, September 12, the United States imposed another round of sanctions against Russia.


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