Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“Sunstroke” Mikhalkov comes out in cinemas in Russia – Utro.Ru

In the Russian hire October 9 is a film by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke”, based on the works of Ivan Bunin. “I desperately wanted to find a cinematic incarnation of Bunin air breathing. This is the real challenge for the director. I can not say that I have achieved this, but for sure I can say that long and hard for this was,” – said the director in an interview ” Izvestia “.

In order to comply with the historical veracity of the filmmakers re-read a lot of historical documents and studies about the Civil War, the red terror in the Crimea, the White movement, examined records, judgments, transcripts of interviews, re-read the memoirs of the Civil War. Mikhalkov says that the resulting material was so impressive that he decided not to include all of the film.

“We focused on the most, in my opinion, the main thing – answering the question” How does all this happened? “. This is the central question of the picture. As happened” sunstroke “How happened” Cursed Days “How to” sunstroke “was replaced by” Cursed Days “How did all this happen? Where is this face, share era?” – quote director of “The News”.

According to the director, while there was a production of the picture, the war started in Ukraine and “Sunstroke” acquired a special significance. “This issue is relevant now more than ever. Let’s look at the Maidan. How nobly all began – with a few hundred people who had gathered to express their outrage at the Yanukovych government, corruption, theft and pointless bureaucratic luxury on a background of poverty of the majority. And what is all end? “- says Mikhalkov.

In his film Mikhalkov tries to answer the question: how to start a war that does not spare anyone then? One of the heroes of the Whites in the “sunstroke” argues that the revolution blame Russian literature of the XIX century. Director agrees with this phrase: “If you think about it, which is often done by our venerable writers? Methodically abused all: and the priests, and kings and lords and peasants, and the power, of course, with any authority. This principle trends of the liberal intelligentsia, which are still alive.

In “Sunstroke” Mikhalkov filmed mostly little-known young actors. Victoria Solovyov, who plays the Stranger, the creators found in Kiev, actor Martins Kalita, performing the title role, arrived on the set of Liepaja. Serbian artist Milos Bikovich playing one of the Whites, especially learned Russian to star in “sunstroke.” In addition to the full-length version of the film, and the creators have prepared a television version of a five for the TV channel “Russia 1″.

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