Friday, September 26, 2014

Large dramatic street today appear in St. Petersburg in connection with the return of BDT in a historic building – Radio Echo of Moscow

It is expected that the Prime Minister will visit the triumph of Dmitry Medvedev.

The Return of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre named BDT in building on the embankment will be celebrated throughout the city. For one day in honor of the big day in St. Petersburg will have more dramatic street and most dramatic area. climbers covered facade of the neighboring building Lenizdataogromnymi paintings and photographs – they BDT posters from different years of a person’s favorite actors – Alisa Freundlich, Oleg Basilashvili, Innocent Smoktunovsky,, Svetlana Hook, Sergei Jurassic, Kirill Lavrov. Needless renovated theater, bridge and pavement to 16 hours, when will triumph, will be packed in fabric printed with contributions from old newspapers.

At the appointed time will show – in front of the spectators and climbers Parkurist literally extract all building BDT. According to the plan it will be like that, so take out the old boxes of Christmas decorations that suddenly begin to shine like new. The fact is that for the company it is really a new year, a new creative stage. When trick with uncovering the BDT will end up on the street, all employees of the theater, led by artistic director Andrew Mighty, Alisa Freundlich, Oleg Basilashvili. Spectators will remain on the street to watch the fireworks on the huge screens and performances BDT. And inside the theater will be a festive tea party. In addition to return to their walls will celebrate eightieth popularly favorite artist Oleg Basilashvili.

For the audience the first performance in the renovated building will show the day after tomorrow.


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