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Mr. Darcy believed in “Moonlight Magic” – Proceedings

Mr. Darcy believe in the

Stills from “The Magic of the Moonlight.” Photo:

New retrokomediyu Woody Allen’s “The Magic of Moonlight» highly appreciated by lovers of travel in space and time. If they are also fans will be Colin Firth, the pleasure will be double. Leave out the grunt moviegoers, mourners that in his 44th film, Allen has evolved enough – in fact, a crime was repeated, and 54-year-old for the role of the Firth beloved 20-year-old girl. Better say that Colin Firth played Mr. Darcy matured (enchanting romance and subtle irony remained with him), and Woody Allen again took stylish, like a picture in an expensive album, film-guide.

Stills from “The Magic of Moonlight”.

Scene « Magic … » – Berlin, London, Nice. Time – 1928. Episodic representation of the first two cities is filled unmistakable hit the atmosphere. Circus accompanies slicing of the hits of the late 1920s – “The Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky and “Bolero” by Ravel, and a tiny role canary in Berlin pub plays Ute Lemper, perhaps the only singer of the day, ideally owns styleRetro.

But the main object of attention – the French Riviera: Nice and its surroundings. There are a lot of sun, aquamarine sea, spectacular cliffs, quiet lagoon. The winding ribbon of the road race shaped retromobili. Charming characters flawlessly wear tuxedos and pearls. History, inscribed in these perfect, simply obliged to be beautiful, and Allen – elegant master of intrigue – did just this.

Stills from “The Magic of Moonlight”.

British illusionist Stanley (Colin Firth) after the submission of visiting an old friend, a compatriot and also illusionist Howard (Simon McBurney). Sadly noting that to mastery Stanley he had never come close, Howard goes to work. It turns out that his friends have sheltered in his luxurious villa on the Cote d’Azur mother and daughter, who came from the American province with an unpronounceable name.

daughter (her name is Sophie) with increasing success gives seances in the surrounding mansions, and for the hostess, Mrs. Baker, daily evokes the spirit of the deceased spouse. Mrs. Baker is ready to finance the fund spiritualistic Sophie, while her son, a cheerful idiot, offered the girl a hand and heart.

Stills from “The Magic of Moonlight”.

Howard himself desperate to expose the guest, moreover, believed in her prophetic gift, even though deep down realizes that Sophie – adventurer, even high-flying. Now his only hope – Stanley, whose expertise will help bring clean water to the cheats and thereby preserve the welfare of Mrs. Baker.

Here Stanley would wonder why it is so hard one cares about the money a certain Mrs but vanity takes over prudence: who but he, the great magician, able to set the record straight? However, the girl (Emma Stone) – heavenly creature with an angelic eyes – from the first day on the Stanley unleashes so many details of his personal life (no one, he believes, unknown) that plunges guests into a severe depression. Is it true, he thinks, and the upstart American backwoods, never nothing who studied, has the gift of providence that I, who knows everything about my profession, I can not even dream of?

Stills from “The Magic of Moonlight”.

Prior to the tragic outcome of this Mozart salerievskaya collision thank God, did not come – with firm allenovskoy unpredictability unfold at 180 degrees. It turns out that there is no conflict and if a person wants, then he is not looking at the competitors may invent yourself the gift of love, and the whole world in the bargain. It was then that the life of the stupefying “conquering the heights” will turn into an amazing journey, where losses burdensome, easy separation, and each turn promises a happy meeting.

The only question is how to protect the blessed space from the harsh external influences. The hero of “Midnight in Paris” sat down in a mysterious car and went to a different time dimension. The hero of “Magic …” falls in love, which for him is the embodiment of this world. Woody Allen is shooting a film – and it is the most advantageous position. The car can drive past the girl – go to another, and that the 78-year-old Allen withdraw his 45th film, there is little doubt.

Stills from “The Magic of Moonlight”.


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