Monday, September 29, 2014

Oscar committee shouted “Kiss!” – TVNZ

On Sunday, it was reported that for obtaining one of the most prestigious film awards world of Russia nominated drama Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan”, already awarded the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival. It reacted with lightning speed creators another picture radically different from the “Leviathan” in the mood.

Producers comedy “Kiss!” Attracted audience of 4.5 million people (with a budget of $ 1.5 million painting raised more than $ 25 million) are ready to challenge the decision of the Russian Oscar Committee. Ilya Burets and Dmitry Nelidov wrote an open letter calling for move “Leviathan” and send them to America project.

«Without prejudice to the merits of the movie,” Leviathan “, we express our protest against his participation in the Oscar race in 2014 and the nomination of on competition of the cinema of Russia.

According to the rules of the American Academy, each country has the right to nominate one film, which was released in rent for the period from 1 October 2013 to 30 September 2014 and is shown in a commercial theater for at least 7 consecutive days. “Leviathan” meets these conditions only formally, his weekly rent in a single Russian cinema was organized specifically for the Oscar race. The picture has not been evaluated a wide audience, and did not even have such a possibility, while “Kiss!” Only in theaters for seeing more than 4.5 million people. Once in the car for more than 1,500 movie screens, film and now, a year later, continues to stand in the repertoire of several theaters of the country.

As producers “Bitter!” We did not take any attempt to influence the members of the Oscar committee and sway them in favor of our film. And it’s not just about the direct pressure, but even to participate in an active information campaign that was unleashed in the Russian press and on the eve of which we have deliberately avoided. Despite this, it is the “Kiss!” Was the second by a vote of the committee members, and in the absence of a list of “Leviathan” would be a prime candidate for the award of Russia. And we are absolutely convinced that “Bitter!” Deserves it. The film could not be better reflects the national character and identity of the Russian people, and, unlike many domestic festival pictures is made not with disdain and even contempt for him, and with sincere sympathy and love.

We call the film’s producers “Leviathan” to take, as we think, a fair solution: take rejection and qualify for the “Oscar” in the next year, after a full rolled steel in Russia. Otherwise we will have to appeal the decision of the Russian Oscar Committee ».

Meanwhile, it became known as the” Komsomolskaya Pravda “, the eminent director and producer Timur Bekmambetov, whose film company” Bazelevs “engaged in the creation of” Kiss! ” not supported the initiative of colleagues and the letter is not signed. Under-treatment is not necessary, and signature of the main star comedy, co-producer of “Kiss!” Sergei Svetlakova. And the film’s director Jora gooseberries on the initiative of producers learned from the Internet.

– There is no formal mechanism for the nomination of the film within the committee – said in an interview with gooseberry “KP”. – As far as I know, at some point in “Basileus” the bell rang, the man said: “We want to ask you about 30 discs for viewing.” From what we guessed that are considered as possible candidates. Next I did this story did not attend. Firstly, there are other things to do, and secondly, I do not really believe in such a possibility. If believed, was interested and experienced would be stronger.

I did not know that the producers have decided to fight and write an open letter. Basically, that’s their business. As I know, in the Oscar committee as much as 8 people voted for “Kiss!” To 14 for “Leviathan” – and that’s a lot of …

In all honesty, do not understand how to treat this. I’m sort of relationship is not yet formed. I watched the movie “Leviathan”, I thought he was very good. This movie with a capital letter. Cinema grand style. Like I have not seen. And so the situation is kind of weird. Will be meeting with the producers, talk, find out what it is to monitor developments.

Reactions Russian Oscar Committee has not yet followed.


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