Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cruiser “Aurora” sailed to Kronstadt on a two-year renovation – Business Omsk

Cruiser “Aurora” on the eve of September 21, stood in the dock Kronstadt Naval plant, where it examined for repair.


Towing historic cruiser to Kronstadt for the first since 1987 dock repairs began in the morning on 21 September. His farewell thousands of St. Petersburg residents and tourists. Operation to ensure the movement of the ship 11 tugs, boats and auxiliary vessels of the Leningrad naval base, more than 150 military and civilian specialists. Four hours of the ship in tow crossed 40 km, and stood in the dry dock Kronstadt Naval plant. For the passage of a day cruiser had to dissolve the three bridges: the Trinity, the Palace and the Annunciation.
«Towing operations finished, everything was nominally and in accordance with the schedule,” – said the spokesperson of the Western Military District.
According to the Defense Ministry, the ship will return to the place – the Petrograd embankment – in 2016.
According to “Kommersant”, initially considered the possibility of a more serious renovation “Aurora” to return the cruiser move. However, while the Defense Ministry stopped at a budget version, which will allow the vessel to stand on the Petrograd embankment another 40 years The first two stages of repair will cost 120 million rubles. But in the process, according to unofficial information, the government can go back to the option of a more serious repair cruiser.
Recall, in 2013 the cruiser “Aurora”, the guns of which in 1917 fired a shot, which served as a signal to begin storming of the Winter Palace, noted 110 letieOn entered the combat strength of the Navy of Russia and the USSR from 1903 to 1948. The ship participated in the battles of the Russian-Japanese, World War I and the Great Patriotic War. Since 1948, the ship is on the Petrograd waterfront of St. Petersburg.

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