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Govoruhin proposed to limit the display of American films in Russia – RBC

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The director and co-chairman of the central headquarters of the Popular Front Stanislav Govorukhin said that it should limit the display of American films in Russia and increase the proportion of European, Korean and Iranian cinema. He said this on Wednesday after an expert meeting ONF on the draft “Principles of state cultural policy».

«It would be good to limit the Hollywood movie on Russian screens, but not at the expense of Russian cinema, we produce about 60 paintings , but due to a movie, filmed in countries with a rich cinematic culture – Turkey, Korea, Iran, Japan, European cinema, – quotes the director of ITAR-TASS. – And then we look only Hollywood movies and rarely Iranian cinema ».

Govoruhin stressed that” it should be a soft policy “, while recognizing that while not a” how to do it practically. ” He voiced this idea shortly after the director Yuri Kara also offered at a meeting of the ONF prohibit rental of American cinema in Russia in response to the sanctions the United States.

The director believes that in the case of the ban, on the part of Russia “Hollywood press on Obama, and he will cancel the sanctions.” The ban on the rental of American cinema should continue as long as the United States did not revoke the restrictions against Russia, he said. Kara said that such a measure will only benefit the Russian film industry, as in cinemas will have the opportunity to show more domestic films.

By the end of 2013 in Russia for domestic films, according to Movie Research, had 18.2 % of all box office receipts, or more than 8.2 billion rubles. In 2012 it was only 15.5% of the total box office, ie almost 6.1 billion rubles. In the first quarter of this year, the share of Russian films in the total box office reached a record 34%, which corresponds to 4.8 billion rubles.

Govoruhin and Kara – not the first who announced the idea to limit the rolling western films in Russia. In March 2014 a member of the “United Russia”, Robert Schlegel proposed the introduction of a 50 per cent quota for domestic films in cinemas in Russia. Schlegel called the prevalence of foreign films at the box office “threat to the national security of Russia” and the development of Russian cinema – “the problem of national importance».

The Ministry of Culture then refused to support this initiative, but previously the head of department Vladimir Medina himself said that quotas must be – “without that Russian cinema will not help.” However, he said, the quota should not exceed 20%.

In 2012, State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Zhelezniak introduced similar legislation that the share of national films at the box office to exceed 20%. Ironstone and provided punishment for ignoring quotas – a fine of 100 to 400 thousand rubles. for legal entities. According Zheleznyaka “strengthening public support of the Russian cinema is necessary in order to achieve the interests of Russia.” Before the first reading of a bill that has not yet reached.

Maria Leyva

September 17, 2014



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