Friday, September 19, 2014

Declaration referendum: Scotland’s independence said “no” – BBC News

Supporters of Scottish sovereignty were defeated in the last referendum. “People said independence” no “, – said the head of staff of the counting of votes Mary Pitkeytli. – This is the final outcome of the vote”.

Mary Pitkeytli drew a line under the referendum. Turnout on it was 84.51%. Voted for independence 1617000 989 Scots, and spoke against independence 21000 926 voters, according to ITAR-TASS. The result – 55.3 against 44.7 in favor of the supporters of a single state with London.

Statement on the outcome of expression in Edinburgh called the “Declaration of the referendum.” The Declaration was read in the exhibition “Royal Haylkend center” in Inglistoune.

In this case, a negative result – it is also a result. And the United Kingdom, after it will no longer be the same: after the Scottish plebiscite UK is entering a new phase in its history. In particular, it will be done “resetting the balance” in the management of each of the four regions of the UK and Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland will have more powers set kontitutsionalno. This is the officially promised the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron.

According to Cameron, of the transfer of power will be available in November, corresponding bill will be submitted to Parliament in January 2015.

Some British politicians have already raised the issue of federalization of the state.


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