Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Governor of Missouri Ferguson sent additional forces – RIA Novosti

The riots in Ferguson, United States

© Fotobank.ru/Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

MOSCOW, November 26 – RIA Novosti. The governor of the US state of Missouri Jay Nixon decided to send in Ferguson, which took place on the eve of the riots, additional forces of US National Guard.

“In total, the region will be more than 2,200 soldiers the National Guard. Life and property of citizens must be protected,” – Agence France-Presse quoted the words of Nixon uttered by him during a press conference.

According to Nixon, during the riots in the city on the eve of the National Guard were 700 soldiers. Tuesday Nixon had already disposed to send additional forces of the National Guard in the US city of Ferguson.

Earlier, Mayor James Ferguson Knowles again asked the governor to send additional forces to the city of the National Guard to prevent further acts of vandalism and ensure the safety of citizens. At the same time, Knowles said that the forces of the National Guard, arrived in Ferguson on Tuesday, were sent into the city quickly enough.

The jury on Monday declined to press charges in the murder of a police officer Darren Wilson, shot in August of this year, in a suburb of St. -Luisa Ferguson adolescent African-American. Immediately after the announcement of the jury Ferguson protests began, accompanied by looting, arson and shooting at the police responded with tear gas and arrests. The total number of detainees in St. Louis exceeded 80 people. In Ferguson night were burned and looted 25 houses. Total protests were held in 38 states in the US.

During the press conference on Tuesday, James Knowles told reporters that any decision about the future of police custody Wilson in the ranks of the order until it has been taken.


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